Rust Marque Logo


  • Added Telephone deployable and Phone Booths
  • Added left handed VM option with graphics.vm_horizontal_flip
  • Added Ranch Monument
  • Added Large Barn Monument
  • Added Saddle Item
  • Added Moustache Item
  • Added Weather - Rain, Overcast, Storm, Dust, Fog
  • Added Destroyable Road Signs
  • Added "server.logoimage" to specify a URL for a circular server logo (up to 256x256) Rust+ App
  • Added Taxi vehicle module


  • Improved item search when adding Vending Machine sell orders
  • Reduced rain wetness
  • Increased brightness of map view on death screen
  • Improved Skull Trophy text rendering for long names (particularly the jar skins)
  • Elevators will now consume 5 power at all time (instead of changing based on use)
  • Reduced HQM horseshoe crafting cost
  • Reduced HQM horseshoe vendor cost
  • Small amount of boats now spawn along the shoreline again
  • Lit torch now lasts longer duration
  • Lowered scrap cost of vehicle parts from vendors
  • Reduced car lift crafting cost
  • Reduced power requirement
  • Engine components no longer require HQM to craft
  • Tier3 engine components are now researchable and craftable
  • Updated vehicle_parts model so it visually differs from Tool Box
  • Reduced crafting cost of all car modules
  • Allow deploying storage monitors onto vending machines
  • Water catchers fill much quicker while raining
  • Added "printallphones" server console command - prints all phone names and locations.
  • Horses should no longer kill the rider near uneven terrain and rocks
  • Horses should no longer snap to the floor / terrain underneath causes the horse to become stuck
  • Horses now regain their health when fed.


  • Fixed not being able to research a Hazmat Suit if it has the Space Suit skin applied
  • Fixed Horses sometimes not eating food at a Trough if their stamina is at 100% but their health was below 100%
  • Fixed skull not dropped when skull trophy is destroyed
  • Fixed skull Trophy mismatch ground watch and socket mod layers (fixes sometimes breaking when building nearby)
  • Fixed Solar panels floating 0.2 above construction when deployed
  • Fixed external gates snap open when a vehicle is blocking
  • Fixed Locker item drop position often falls through walls
  • Fixed Unable to deploy Counter on HQM wall


  • Disabled Halloween event
  • Removed horseshoe and horse armour sales from the compound - now sold at stables
  • Removed workbench rotate


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