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Stables Update

This month's update brings horse stables to purchase your trusty steeds, a new telephone system you can add to your base or find public phones along the roads and at monuments, a Taxi module for vehicles along with changes to vehicle costs, crafting and balancing along with the usual improvements and fixes and a moustache ??

05 November 2020
You'll now be able to acquire horses at one of the two new monuments, the Ranch and Large Barn. Simply approach the Stable Master and start a conversation. You can purchase a Saddle from him and use this to claim a horse of your choosing. Keep in mind that not all horses have the same stats, so make sure to press E to examine each horse before claiming your steed.
  • You'll now find two Stables around the map.
  • Stables are safe zones and hostile action will result in a swift death.
  • Horse related items can be purchased from the Stable master NPC.
Additionally, I went through some of the most commonly horse-related bug reports and have made the following improvements:
  • Horses should no longer kill the rider near uneven terrain and rocks (rip trausi et al).
  • Horses should no longer snap to the floor / terrain underneath causes the horse to become stuck.
  • Horses now regain their health when fed.
Also just a note for the next patch. Expect to find wild horses in fields and a handful of motorboats along the shore. We had to pull this at the last minute due to some unforeseen bugs.
Blustery and chillier today and tomorrow with showers or longer spells of rain. Drier by midweek. It's no secret that our old weather system was a huge mess of programmer art and performance issues, which is why it had to be removed from the game a long time ago. We were able to resolve the performance issues by doing more optimizations ourselves and relying less on Unity's particle system optimizations. We sort of rolled our own super primitive voxel collision to handle the coarse, large-scale collisions. Unity then only has to sort out the detailed collision on the last couple of meters above ground. As for visuals, I think we did it right this time by having a system that is almost entirely artist-driven. The code then simply blends between various weather presets. This also has the advantage that everything can be adjusted by server mods, allowing for endless customization in the future.

Admin Convars

Here's a short explanation of the main weather convars for server owners:
  • weather.load loads a specific weather type
  • weather.reset resets to dynamic weather
  • prints the current dynamic weather
There are currently the following weather types that can be loaded this way:
  • Clear
  • Dust
  • Fog
  • Overcast
  • RainHeavy
  • RainMild
  • Storm
In terms of affecting gameplay, server owners can also adjust how wet players get from rain and snow:
  • weather.wetness_rain
  • weather.wetness_snow
When using the normal dynamic weather, server owners can adjust the probability of every weather type individually:
  • weather.clear_chance
  • weather.dust_chance
  • weather.fog_chance
  • weather.overcast_chance
  • weather.storm_chance
  • weather.rain_chance
If all of that still isn't enough customization for your particular server, then you can also adjust every individual parameter of the weather system. Note that negative values (-1) indicate that the value isn't overwritten and is using whatever the dynamic weather system is currently outputting.
  • weather.rain How much it should rain
  • weather.wind How much wind there is (mostly visual, affects certain vegetation)
  • weather.thunder How much thunder / lightning there is
  • weather.rainbow Can be set to forcefully trigger a rainbow
  • weather.fog How much fog there is
  • weather.atmosphere_rayleigh Rayleigh scattering intensity (determines the color of the sky - it's complicated, just play around with it)
  • weather.atmosphere_mie Mie scattering intensity (determines the color of the sky - it's complicated, just play around with it)
  • weather.atmosphere_brightness Overall brightness of the sky
  • weather.atmosphere_contrast Overall contrast of the sky
  • weather.atmosphere_directionality Directionality factor that determines the size of the glow around the sun
  • weather.cloud_size Scale of the cloud layers (does not affect the cloud billboards)
  • weather.cloud_opacity Opacity of the cloud layers and billboards
  • weather.cloud_coverage How much sky is covered by the cloud layers
  • weather.cloud_sharpness How sharp the clouds formed by the cloud layers are
  • weather.cloud_coloring Determines the blending of indirect light from the sky and direct light from the sun
  • weather.cloud_attenuation How dark the clouds should be are when they get thicker
  • weather.cloud_scattering How much sunlight the clouds should scatter (makes them bloom)
  • weather.cloud_brightness Overall brightness of the clouds
Catch up with friends and prank call your enemies with the new Telephone deployable. Once deployed and connected to power, you can use the telephone to call any other telephone on the island. Simply enter a number, hit Dial and the other phone will start ringing and can be picked up by anyone. Looking for someone new to chat with? You can use the Directory tab to see a list of public phones. Any phone with a name will be listed in the directory, so to make your phone public you just to need to name it in the Dialing UI. You can delete the name of your phone to disable the public listing if you want some peace and quiet. You'll find Phone Booths in several Monuments that are available for use if you wanted to check in on your base while in the outpost. Monument Phone Booths are all publicly listed and will appear in the Directory tab for everyone. There are also a small number of Phone Booths on the side of the road. If you find yourself calling friends regularly you can also use the Contacts page to manually save numbers for future use.
A new "Taxi" module is now available for modular cars.
The module is superficially similar to the existing Rear Seats, but with a few extra features:
Solid barrier between the taxi module and the cabin in front.
Trade dropbox, the same as in a metal shopfront.
Kick button, allowing the driver to dismount any unwanted passenger (only at low speed!).
Glass on the windows. Not invincible, but providing a little protection.

As a minor bonus that may be useful to someone, if the taxi module is placed at the front of a vehicle, the location of the dropbox naturally allows trading with someone outside.
We've been looking closely at how we can further incentivise land vehicle use, we accept there are multiple issues which we'll need to address in future updates but for now, we've made the following changes to lower the barrier to entry.
  • Reduced car lift crafting cost.
  • Reduced car lift power requirement.
  • Reduced crafting cost of all car modules.
  • Tier 3 engine components are now researchable and craftable.
  • Engine components no longer require HQM to craft.
  • Reduced vehicle parts purchase cost.
  • Updated vehicle loot model to avoid confusion with the toolbox.
Road signs can now be destroyed and harvested for road signs (surprise!) and pipes.
I've added an experimental new convar that flips the View Model to the other side of the screen to feel more natural for left handed players - graphics.vm_horizontal_flip. If you're a leftie feel free to let us know how it feels and we might make it a more official option in a future update.
Since we first introduced the Storage monitor item one of the most common feature requests was to allow deployment on the Vending machine so we went ahead and did just that - You can now deploy the storage on the vending machine. Additionally, another common complaint was the awful item searching. This should now be much improved.
Tom Selleck. Burt Reynolds. Sequisha. Rust. What have they got in common? Moustaches. 100% of the profits from Rust's new moustache item go to our friends at Movember - a charity dedicated to raising awareness of men's health. You can take part in a bunch of ways and it's open to everyone. Buy and wear the moustache in Rust ofc, or grow a moustache irl - some of us at Facepunch will be doing that too and even sharing photos of our creations for your amusement. We've set up a Facepunch Movember page where you can join us and help fundraise for Movember. Purchase your magnificent moustache at the Rust Steam Store or from the in-game Items Store.
The Halloween event is now disabled - We hope everyone enjoyed the Halloween event!


  • Added Telephone deployable and Phone Booths
  • Added left handed VM option with graphics.vm_horizontal_flip
  • Added Ranch Monument
  • Added Large Barn Monument
  • Added Saddle Item
  • Added Moustache Item
  • Added Weather - Rain, Overcast, Storm, Dust, Fog
  • Added Destroyable Road Signs
  • Added "server.logoimage" to specify a URL for a circular server logo (up to 256x256) Rust+ App
  • Added Taxi vehicle module


  • Improved item search when adding Vending Machine sell orders
  • Reduced rain wetness
  • Increased brightness of map view on death screen
  • Improved Skull Trophy text rendering for long names (particularly the jar skins)
  • Elevators will now consume 5 power at all time (instead of changing based on use)
  • Reduced HQM horseshoe crafting cost
  • Reduced HQM horseshoe vendor cost
  • Small amount of boats now spawn along the shoreline again
  • Lit torch now lasts longer duration
  • Lowered scrap cost of vehicle parts from vendors
  • Reduced car lift crafting cost
  • Reduced power requirement
  • Engine components no longer require HQM to craft
  • Tier3 engine components are now researchable and craftable
  • Updated vehicle_parts model so it visually differs from Tool Box
  • Reduced crafting cost of all car modules
  • Allow deploying storage monitors onto vending machines
  • Water catchers fill much quicker while raining
  • Added "printallphones" server console command - prints all phone names and locations.
  • Horses should no longer kill the rider near uneven terrain and rocks
  • Horses should no longer snap to the floor / terrain underneath causes the horse to become stuck
  • Horses now regain their health when fed.


  • Fixed not being able to research a Hazmat Suit if it has the Space Suit skin applied
  • Fixed Horses sometimes not eating food at a Trough if their stamina is at 100% but their health was below 100%
  • Fixed skull not dropped when skull trophy is destroyed
  • Fixed skull Trophy mismatch ground watch and socket mod layers (fixes sometimes breaking when building nearby)
  • Fixed Solar panels floating 0.2 above construction when deployed
  • Fixed external gates snap open when a vehicle is blocking
  • Fixed Locker item drop position often falls through walls
  • Fixed Unable to deploy Counter on HQM wall


  • Disabled Halloween event
  • Removed horseshoe and horse armour sales from the compound - now sold at stables
  • Removed workbench rotate


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