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  • Unity 2019.4.22 upgrade
  • Added Added Poker Tables to Bandit Town
  • Hapis Island: Added Poker Tables to Compound
  • Added Gesture wheel (B)
  • Added option to hide blood


  • Re-enabled graphics jobs on macOS
  • Re-enabled incremental garbage collector on macOS
  • Improved Work Cart seating pose, and player can now be seen looking around
  • Hapis Island: Red keycards now more widely accessible from all corners of the map.
  • Hapis - Added a marketplace
  • Hapis - Added gambling den
  • Reduced cloth harvest yield from NPC corpses
  • New Admin command "teleport2death"
  • Enabled Easter Event
  • News section now displays the full content of the blogs
  • L96 Skinnable
  • Heavy armor now prevents mounting of horses due to weight limitations
  • Tightened up recoil response on revolver/sap including animations
  • Reduced hostile duration for players hit by peacekeeper turrets to 5 from 30
  • Vehicles are now reposessed after 5 minutes instead of 2
  • Team mates can now enter vehicles purchased in a safe zone without the vehicle owner needing to first depart


  • We now reset the player's view angles when dismounting, so the next time the player mounts something their view angle is back at the default for that mountable instead of at their last viewpoint
  • Hapis Island: Seating positions near the gambling wheel are now properly aligned
  • Hapis Island: Fixed some non-destroyable roadsigns
  • Fixed Viewmodel Jitter
  • Fixed projectiles fired at players joints not impacting


  • Removed horsegang


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