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  • New generation cliff placement and cliff visuals
  • New terrain visuals
  • New terrain clutter visuals
  • New terrain foliage visuals
  • New cliffs and rocks visuals
  • New roadside junkpiles
  • New forest populations
  • New Satellite Dish Monument
  • New Junkyard monument
  • New workshop scene
  • New ice sheets visuals and spawn rules
  • New young and dead pine tree variants
  • Updated Sewer Branch monument
  • Updated Dome monument visuals and puzzle
  • Updated Trainyard monument middle and north sections for improved cover/flow, better visuals
  • Updated all monuments road connections to procedural roads to be more seamless
  • Larger monuments and hubs now have bespoke subway tunnel entrances within their perimeter
  • Biome dependant foliage, foliage at monuments will display the right type for the biome they are in


  • Improved procedural terrain generation, ring road generation also improved as a result
  • Improved terrain grass displacement
  • Improved dynamic foliage to reduce floating over terrain
  • Improved lighting volumes inside Military Tunnels, no more shadow clip in the distance
  • Improved distant LODs for Oilrigs
  • Improved lighthouse visuals at night
  • Improved monuments 'fading' into procedural map, better looking player paper map visuals
  • Improved a large amount of colliders around which gun fight occurs whereby bullets were blocked before
  • Improved visuals at Bandit Camp
  • Optimized decor at Bandit Camp
  • Most of static art now uses shadow proxies for improved performance
  • Harbors only spawn on mainland
  • Bushes hide when building on top of them
  • Poker players are no longer obliged to show their hand at the end of the round unless they're the winner in a showdown. Anyone can optionally show their hand by pressing R
  • It's not possible to still see what cards you had after you've folded
  • Can now use gestures while mounted (with some exceptions)
  • Restored 3rd person feedback when a player is alt looking
  • Improved tree and bush billboards
  • Improved visuals for fallen logs and wood stump pickups
  • Improved contact shadows settings, enabling will no longer create black outlines around grass


  • Updated colliders of large hero trees in the swamps to be more accurate, easier to build around
  • Fixed areas of the Military Tunnels not inflicting any radiation
  • Fixed several monuments sometimes being flooded
  • Fixed a large amount of stairs colliders that were stee-through but not shoot-through
  • Fixed puzzle bypasses at Trainyard
  • Fixed a large amount of 'low object quality settings' visual exploits around monuments
  • Fixed the 'red pipe of death' at Launch Site, where velocity could kill you
  • Fixed Launch Site south puzzle door exploit
  • Fixed exploit where you could jump inside vents at various monuments to gain peak advantage
  • Fixed some props that allowed exploitable one way shooting (oilrig in particular)
  • Fixed getting stuck inside Outpost/Compound decor by the way of roofs
  • Fixed an issue whereby dropping items on the floor in Water Treatment Plant would not let you pick them up
  • Fixed an exploit at Water Treatment Plant allowing to skip green card puzzle steps
  • Fixed Out of Bounds/fly hack violations issues around Water Treatment Plant sewer tunnels
  • Fixed Out of Bounds/fly hack violations issues inside Launch Site tunnels happenning on certain seeds
  • Fixed exploits at both oilrigs whereby players would swim up pipes to gain advantage
  • Fixed being unable to harvest trees around some monuments
  • Fixed Giant Excavator mining the wrong resource when mining Metal Fragments
  • Fixed dropped items falling into Bandit Camp shop keepers cabins
  • Roadside props LOD distances now cull later, preventing revealing players hiding behind them
  • Extended cover props LOD distances at Airfield to ensure players remain hidden behind them
  • Various fixes for poker gameplay
  • Electrical counter font size now scales smaller when the number doesn't fit
  • When dismounting the Work Cart train seat, sometimes the player's view angle would be incorrect. This is now fixed
  • Fixed horse trough sometimes not affecting decay time when a horse eats from it
  • Fixed belt items sometimes being visible in a players hand even if the item wasn't equipped
  • Fixed tree billboards sometimes getting stuck and sticking around forever
  • Fixed first person lights/particle effects still being visible when gesturing


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