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  • Added procedural underwater labs
  • Added submarines
  • Added Fishing
  • Added 8 new types of fish
  • Added Sharks
  • Added Spear Gun
  • Added side maintenance tunnels at underground train stations, where the work cart trains are now kept
  • Added 32 new prefabs for map makers


  • Improved loot from small underwater crates
  • Reduced untie time from 8 to 6 seconds
  • Can now copy and paste phone numbers from the telephone dialling screen
  • Added a button to copy the current phone's number in the dialling UI
  • Wires will now snap to the socket position and not the surface behind the IO object
  • Can now left click a filled IO socket to limit the animation to just that socket
  • Can now press RMB while placing wires to remove the last placed point (hold RMB to clear the whole line)
  • Improved performance, memory usage and initial buffering behaviour when streaming internet audio
  • Show IO information in crafting panel
  • Boom boxes connected to the same URL should now play in sync with each other and only use a single web stream
  • Improved beat detection on dance floor, sound lights, and laser lights
  • Improved fishing village spawning (more of them on smaller maps, better coastline coverage)
  • Recycler right-click item transfer now rejects items that can't be recycled, doesn't move them to the input
  • Right-click moving items to recycler now stops once the input slots are full, doesn't start filling output slots
  • Made it easier to jump onto the underground rail platforms while standing on the train tracks
  • Improved swamp fog visually
  • Toned down CCTV blur
  • Reduced hurt/cold/hot overlay
  • Deluxe xmas lights now allow passthrough
  • Small sign can now be placed on deployables


  • Fixed audio level on thrown cassette recorders
  • Fixed thrown cassette recorders not playing when coming into network range
  • Fixed wires sometimes not displaying when placed at the maximum distance
  • Fixed ice lakes never spawning
  • Fixed prefab mountains not spawning on large maps
  • Fixed shore wetness being applied deep underwater
  • Fixed a graphics.uiscale value of 0.8 hiding the search text on the crafting screen when at 1080p
  • Turned the exception from a failed 'connect' console command into a warning. It now shows up in the UI and as a warning in the console, instead of in the UI and as red exception text
  • If a player is killed while inside a hurt trigger (e.g. barbed wire), always kill them immediately - same as if they'd died by the hurt trigger itself
  • Fixed swamp fog lit at night from 750m
  • Fixed pump jack floating decals