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Going Deep

This month's update brings Procedural Underwater Labs, Submarines, Torpedoes, Fishing, Sharks, Speargun, Updated underwater Ambience and much more!

05 August 2021

The new underwater labs are fully procedural dungeons that reside on the ocean floor. They will come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and for now, with two entry points. You enter them from a ‘moonpool’ in which you re-surface with your submarine. From there, make sure you have come prepared to face the various puzzles on offer.
The bases have a wide network of CCTV cameras you can connect to to plan your exploration ahead of time. The new and improved player map will also let you see the layout of the base for each floor. You will also find microphones in some rooms that let you broadcast your commands into the entire base’s network.
If you like to take risks, the occasional mess hall room will allow you to play some high stakes poker, listen to music with your group and cook some meats before heading back to pick a fight with the NPCs that are dwelling in the corridors.
This update introduces submarines to Rust.


You can now buy a submarine from the boat shops at fishing villages. The two-person submarine seats up to two, with internal fuel access and an instrument cluster including rudimentary sonar. Look around behind you and you'll see interaction UI to swap seats. The one-person submarine seats one, with external fuel access and no instruments.


Both submarines have torpedo tubes which can fire two torpedo types: - Direct torpedoes fire straight ahead. - Surface torpedoes rise to the surface and then speed along the top of the water. You can buy torpedoes from a fishing village vendor, or craft them yourself.


Use movement keys for forward/back/left/right. Sprint button to rise towards the surface. Crouch button to dive deeper. Look down when in the cockpit to load torpedoes. Fire when in water with the usual shoot button (left mouse button by default). Enter underwater bases at moon pool locations, which show up on sonar in the duo sub as red dots. If you're in the solo sub, look for the lights being cast down below moon pool modules.


Submarines have the same decay style as rowboats and the RHIB. For the first 45 minutes of being unused, they won't decay. Then they'll start to lose health: They'll last another 240 minutes if left unused outside, or 180 minutes if in deep water. If they're indoors and NOT in deep water, they won't ever decay at all.
The Handmade Fishing Rod is now fully functional and ready for use! To get started, you'll need to equip a bait in the lure slot of the rod. Various foods can be used as bait and their value as a bait is displayed in the item information. As well as food you can now randomly find worms and grubs when collecting resources in the world (berries, hemp, potatoes, etc). You have double chance of finding these when harvesting plants planted by a player. Once you've got a bait ready to go simply aim at the water while holding RMB and cast out with LMB. Once you've got a bite, you'll need to reel in the fish. You can use A/D to pull left and right and S to reel the fish in. Fighting the movement of the fish left and right will tire it out and make it move less over time. However reeling in the fish and pulling left and right will put strain on the line, if you strain it too much the line will snap and the fish will get away. The rod will start shaking and you'll start hearing audio queues when the line is strained, so be sure to stop if your line is about to snap. We've added 8 new types of fish to catch, from Herring, Anchovy and Sardines to Yellow Perch, Catfish, Small Sharks, Salmon and Orange Roughy. Different fish have different conditions for catching, including bait value, water type, water depth and location. As well as gutting the fish for resources, you can also take your catches to any fishing village to exchange for scrap.
We've made some changes to the general underwater look and feel. Visibility has gone up across the board, lighting will get darker the deeper you go, and all-in-all it should just be a bit more engaging than the 'ol dive into water and become blind unless you got the magic goggles equipped. Speaking of goggles, the diving goggle screen overlay also doesn't self illuminate anymore in darkness, which should make them less distracting to use in low-light. And finally the wet shore look no longer extends deep down into the ocean, which never made any sense in the first place. These changes are all fairly technical, so expect to see more improvements underwater as we iterate on them in the future.
Exploring the deep may yield great rewards, but with those rewards comes great risks. Each dive site has a chance to spawn a shark which will patrol the area and must be defeated before you are able to claim whatever treasures found at the dive site. You can use a melee weapon in an attempt to defend yourself but your chances of survival are very slim without some kind of underwater ranged weapon...
To be able to defend yourself at a distance underwater is of paramount importance given the introduction of hostile marine life. You can now learn how to craft a spear gun + ammo from a Level 1 Workbench. This weapon can only be fired while underwater and packs a punch similar to a crossbow, albeit with a slower moving projectile. It is also very effective at dispatching hostile human beings.
Electrical Panel UI
The electrical panel now displays in the crafting menu
Highlight IO
LMB while hovering over IO socket to highlight just that connection
Undo Last IO
Press RMB to cancel/undo the last point of an electrical/water line
Ice Lakes
Fixed Ice lakes never spawning
Fixed prefab mountains not spawning on large maps
Small Sign Placement
Small sign placement on deployables
Boom Box Decay
Boom box no longer decays
Underwater Crate Untie
Underwater Crate Untie reduced from 8 to 6 seconds

Check out the changelog for more changes.
In this update we have added some further improvements to the underground rail network. Until now, we have been spawning the workcarts right in front of the rail platforms. However, this has always been a temporary solution and in this update we have added dedicated side tunnels and maintenance rooms where the workcarts will spawn from now on. Each station will contain two of these side tunnels.
In order to access these new spawn points you will need to reach the platform and find one of the door marked with a green Maintenance Room sign. Then simply follow the corridor and it will lead you to a brand-new room where the workcart will be waiting for you. The train tunnel in front of you will then lead you back to the rail network.

In addition, while I was working on these side rooms I have also fixed a long standing issue where jumping onto the rail platforms from the tracks below was too difficult. Now if you happen to fall off the platform you can jump right back.
Back in May, we announced the first official map making competition in the community blog, to allow map makers to flex their skills, show off to the wider Rust community and win some prizes in the process. You can read the full competition outcome in last months community blog found here. Once again, huge congratulations to Lone, WhoisMikeJones, CollapsedOrange and Nox for winning. Gravis Island will be running on Facepunch EU Small 1, 3, 6, US Small 4 and AU Hapis, additionally, Rustoria will be hosting 1 EU and US Gravis Island server so keep an eye out in the server list. This will be the first time we've run custom maps on our servers and excited to read player feedback.


  • Added procedural underwater labs
  • Added submarines
  • Added Fishing
  • Added 8 new types of fish
  • Added Sharks
  • Added Spear Gun
  • Added side maintenance tunnels at underground train stations, where the work cart trains are now kept
  • Added 32 new prefabs for map makers


  • Improved loot from small underwater crates
  • Reduced untie time from 8 to 6 seconds
  • Can now copy and paste phone numbers from the telephone dialling screen
  • Added a button to copy the current phone's number in the dialling UI
  • Wires will now snap to the socket position and not the surface behind the IO object
  • Can now left click a filled IO socket to limit the animation to just that socket
  • Can now press RMB while placing wires to remove the last placed point (hold RMB to clear the whole line)
  • Improved performance, memory usage and initial buffering behaviour when streaming internet audio
  • Show IO information in crafting panel
  • Boom boxes connected to the same URL should now play in sync with each other and only use a single web stream
  • Improved beat detection on dance floor, sound lights, and laser lights
  • Improved fishing village spawning (more of them on smaller maps, better coastline coverage)
  • Recycler right-click item transfer now rejects items that can't be recycled, doesn't move them to the input
  • Right-click moving items to recycler now stops once the input slots are full, doesn't start filling output slots
  • Made it easier to jump onto the underground rail platforms while standing on the train tracks
  • Improved swamp fog visually
  • Toned down CCTV blur
  • Reduced hurt/cold/hot overlay
  • Deluxe xmas lights now allow passthrough
  • Small sign can now be placed on deployables


  • Fixed audio level on thrown cassette recorders
  • Fixed thrown cassette recorders not playing when coming into network range
  • Fixed wires sometimes not displaying when placed at the maximum distance
  • Fixed ice lakes never spawning
  • Fixed prefab mountains not spawning on large maps
  • Fixed shore wetness being applied deep underwater
  • Fixed a graphics.uiscale value of 0.8 hiding the search text on the crafting screen when at 1080p
  • Turned the exception from a failed 'connect' console command into a warning. It now shows up in the UI and as a warning in the console, instead of in the UI and as red exception text
  • If a player is killed while inside a hurt trigger (e.g. barbed wire), always kill them immediately - same as if they'd died by the hurt trigger itself
  • Fixed swamp fog lit at night from 750m
  • Fixed pump jack floating decals


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