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  • New Camper Module
  • New F1 Admin UI
  • Added Missions system


  • Added a search text box to the skin picker in the Repair Panel and Crafting menu
  • Added a button to enter the last entered code in the code lock (can also press Reload to trigger the button)
  • Added an Aim Down Sights sensitivity multiplier (acts as a multiplier on base sensitivity eg. 0.5 mouse sensitivity x 0.5 ADS sensitivity = 0.25 sensitivity while aiming)
  • Item descriptions now scale to fit long descriptions in the Crafting menu
  • Binoculars now fade in/out twice as fast and start at the lowest zoom setting
  • Can now voice chat while painting signs
  • Sign painting will no longer use a low resolution texture on low graphics settings
  • Show the total amount of an item in your inventory on the item pickup pop up in the bottom right of the screen
  • The planter inventory can now only be accessed by looking at the edge of the planter
  • Large planters now snap to the centre of foundation and floor blocks (hold Sprint to disable)
  • Flipped boats should now reliably flip rightside up with one push
  • Looking at vehicles that have no seats left will now show as Occupied instead of showing a Mount option that won’t work
  • Painted signs can now be picked up (includes empty picture frames and neon signs) without losing their painted data
  • Unpainted signs can now be stacked up to 5
  • Painted signs have a small icon in their inventory and clicking on them will show the painted data
  • Increased range of light source in painting UI so large signs aren’t partially illuminated
  • The sign painting UI will now remember the rotation of the last sign that was painted (per session)
  • Open/closing doors while crawling now takes three seconds
  • When attempting to build too close to a monument the error message will now display the translated name of the monument (instead of “Can’t build here”)
  • Improved several placement error messages
  • F4 and F9 keys are no longer hardcoded to screenshots, added screenshot.takescreenshot and screenshot.takehiresscreenshot that can be bound as needed
  • Right clicking scrap while a research panel is open will put the scrap in the bottom slot
  • Lowered volume of audio static in the background of boom boxes, speakers, etc
  • Right clicking a pumpkin in the inventory will now move the pumpkin to the belt instead of clothing
  • Ceiling light can now be repaired more reliably from below
  • Worms and grubs will go the inventory by default instead of the belt
  • Auto Turrets now automatically self-auth when placed (like TC’s)
  • Added an Assign to Friend option to Auto Turrets
  • Any team members in the Assign to a friend Sleeping Bag/Auto Turret UI will now appear first in the list
  • Don’t show steam ID’s on Sleeping Bag/Auto Turret friend UI while streamer mode is active
  • Human skulls being sold in vending machines will now display their name in the tooltip
  • Item search in crafting menu should now disregard accented characters when filtering (eg. Pólvora and Polvora will now both return gunpowder when playing in Portuguese)
  • Supply Drops now have small lights that activate at night
  • [Admin] entity.deleteby now accepts multiple steam ids
  • [Admin] Added entity.deletebytextblock that parses a text block for steam ids (eg. can use the results of “ent auth”)
  • Added "cargoshipevent" command for server owners to start the cargo ship event
  • Horses now produce dung more often
  • Dung yields more Fertilizer
  • Added custom junkyard prefabs for map makers
  • Military tunnels NPCs no longer respawn while players are inside tunnels
  • Military tunnels elite crates respawn inline with AI (no more looting elite crates with no AI spawned)
  • Added small (50) MinDistanceDifferentType to roadside monuments
  • Less strict locker placement
  • Added "Copy" and "Clear" to the console UI
  • Reduced crafting time of all modular car engine components from 30s to 10s


  • Fixed garage doors blocking placement on the floor above them while open
  • Running a dedicated server will no longer set graphics quality to 0 on clients on the same machine
  • Fixed issue where binding a key to nothing that was also a default key wouldn’t save correctly and the binding would be lost on next boot (can now unbind mouse wheel)
  • Fixed glowing hair in player inventory preview
  • Fixed issue where players would get stuck in a placeholder dance when respawning if they were dancing when killed
  • Fixed Boom Box loading incorrect URL after a player leaves and enters network range or after a respawn
  • Fixed tanker car module not getting properly disconnected from water sources when moving
  • Fixed Small sign stacking
  • Fixed elevator exploits
  • Fixed excessive explosion force on the chinook
  • Fixed cargo ship layouts breaking during server restart
  • Fixed paddle glow outline being flipped


  • Removed Gravis Island from Facepunch servers