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Missions & QOL

This month's update brings the foundation of the mission system, huge amount of quality of life improvements, a camper vehicle module and much more!

07 October 2021
Today we're introducing the first iteration of a mission system to Rust. You are now able to speak to various NPCs found around the world and receive a list of objectives you must complete in exchange for a reward. 

This first pass of missions are geared more towards players just getting started but the system is capable of much more. We will be expanding on this in the coming months to include PvP missions (capture and hold, delivery, ambush) and eventually even bounty hunting.
You can find mission providers at most safe zones and their tasks vary, from catching fish or harvesting lumber to hunting sharks and uncovering hidden treasure.

The mission system will be expanded upon over the coming months. We look forward to reading your feedback.
Take that long overdue vacation in the new Camper module for your modular car. It’s a two slot module that includes 4 seats that function as spawn points, overhead lockers, a bbq and a small box worth of storage.
To mark a seat in the camper van as a respawn point simply sit in it, look down and use “Make Bed” to claim it. You will then be able to respawn directly into that seat regardless of its location, even while the car is moving! If another player has claimed a seat, you'll have to clear their ownership before you can claim it as your own (this will appear as an interaction option).

The module requires a T2 workbench, 175 Metal Frags and 125 Wood to craft.

You’ll find the locker above the seats, the barbecue to your side and the small storage box underneath the barbecue. Happy camping!

I spent some time this month working through a backlog of quality of life improvements that we’ve assembled internally. Thankfully all of you in the community had plenty more ideas so after a month of work the QOL list is now even longer than it was at the start. Thanks to everyone across Discord, Reddit and Twitter for suggesting ideas! If your suggestion wasn’t implemented this month rest assured we’ve taken plenty of notes for future work in this area.

A lot of the changes are pretty scattershot and all around the game (see the changelog for more details), but some of the notable changes are below.

Sign Painting

The primary improvement for sign painting this month is being able to pick up signs and redeploy them without losing the painted content. You can now pick up signs, picture frames and neon signs with the hammer, inspect the painting in your inventory, trade it to others and redeploy it at will. The sign painting interface has also had some improvements, including being able to voice chat while painting and better lighting settings for large paintable sources.

Auto Turrets

After many (many) requests we’re adding the ability to authorize friends to auto turrets, as well as automatically authorizing yourself when placing the auto turret.

Door opening while wounded

You’ll now need to hold down the interact key to open the door while wounded. Watch out for door campers!

Admin UI

We’ve created a simple admin UI accessible in the F1 menu for server admins to easily modify and administrate their server. This isn’t meant to be a replacement for RCON or the console, but hopefully it will act as a simpler way for new admins to manage basic elements of their server. If there are more features you’d like to see feel free to reach out, this is just the first iteration of this tool.
Vehicles On Cargo
Can now land on the cargo ship without your vehicle sliding off
ADS Sensitivity
Added a separate slider to modify sensitivity while aiming
Skin Search
Search for skins by name in the Repair Bench and Crafting Menu
Item Counts
Show the total count of items in inventory when picking up items
Large Planter snapping
Large Planters now snap to centre of foundations and floors
Auto fill code lock
Added a button to auto fill the last code entered into a code lock
Rowboat Flip
Boats now rightside up with one push
Horse Dung
Horses now produce dung more often
Binoculars Zoom
Now start at the lowest zoom setting
Supply Drop Beacon
Supply drops now activate a red beacon at night
Snap Disable
Holding sprint now disables snapping on planter and high external wall placement
Engine Components Craft
All modular car engine components craft reduced from 30s to 10s

Check out the changelog for more changes.
We're currently working on some Rust assets for the Steam point store which we plan to release in the coming weeks.

Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions!

Animated Avatar

Avatar Profile Frame

Mini Profile Background

Profile Backgrounds

Make sure to follow us on our social media so you'll know when they're released!

We'll be adding more and expanding the collection over the coming months. 
On October 28th at 19:00BST / 14:00 EST we'll be releasing a mandatory server and client update to enable some new spooky features!


  • New Camper Module
  • New F1 Admin UI
  • Added Missions system


  • Added a search text box to the skin picker in the Repair Panel and Crafting menu
  • Added a button to enter the last entered code in the code lock (can also press Reload to trigger the button)
  • Added an Aim Down Sights sensitivity multiplier (acts as a multiplier on base sensitivity eg. 0.5 mouse sensitivity x 0.5 ADS sensitivity = 0.25 sensitivity while aiming)
  • Item descriptions now scale to fit long descriptions in the Crafting menu
  • Binoculars now fade in/out twice as fast and start at the lowest zoom setting
  • Can now voice chat while painting signs
  • Sign painting will no longer use a low resolution texture on low graphics settings
  • Show the total amount of an item in your inventory on the item pickup pop up in the bottom right of the screen
  • The planter inventory can now only be accessed by looking at the edge of the planter
  • Large planters now snap to the centre of foundation and floor blocks (hold Sprint to disable)
  • Flipped boats should now reliably flip rightside up with one push
  • Looking at vehicles that have no seats left will now show as Occupied instead of showing a Mount option that won’t work
  • Painted signs can now be picked up (includes empty picture frames and neon signs) without losing their painted data
  • Unpainted signs can now be stacked up to 5
  • Painted signs have a small icon in their inventory and clicking on them will show the painted data
  • Increased range of light source in painting UI so large signs aren’t partially illuminated
  • The sign painting UI will now remember the rotation of the last sign that was painted (per session)
  • Open/closing doors while crawling now takes three seconds
  • When attempting to build too close to a monument the error message will now display the translated name of the monument (instead of “Can’t build here”)
  • Improved several placement error messages
  • F4 and F9 keys are no longer hardcoded to screenshots, added screenshot.takescreenshot and screenshot.takehiresscreenshot that can be bound as needed
  • Right clicking scrap while a research panel is open will put the scrap in the bottom slot
  • Lowered volume of audio static in the background of boom boxes, speakers, etc
  • Right clicking a pumpkin in the inventory will now move the pumpkin to the belt instead of clothing
  • Ceiling light can now be repaired more reliably from below
  • Worms and grubs will go the inventory by default instead of the belt
  • Auto Turrets now automatically self-auth when placed (like TC’s)
  • Added an Assign to Friend option to Auto Turrets
  • Any team members in the Assign to a friend Sleeping Bag/Auto Turret UI will now appear first in the list
  • Don’t show steam ID’s on Sleeping Bag/Auto Turret friend UI while streamer mode is active
  • Human skulls being sold in vending machines will now display their name in the tooltip
  • Item search in crafting menu should now disregard accented characters when filtering (eg. Pólvora and Polvora will now both return gunpowder when playing in Portuguese)
  • Supply Drops now have small lights that activate at night
  • [Admin] entity.deleteby now accepts multiple steam ids
  • [Admin] Added entity.deletebytextblock that parses a text block for steam ids (eg. can use the results of “ent auth”)
  • Added "cargoshipevent" command for server owners to start the cargo ship event
  • Horses now produce dung more often
  • Dung yields more Fertilizer
  • Added custom junkyard prefabs for map makers
  • Military tunnels NPCs no longer respawn while players are inside tunnels
  • Military tunnels elite crates respawn inline with AI (no more looting elite crates with no AI spawned)
  • Added small (50) MinDistanceDifferentType to roadside monuments
  • Less strict locker placement
  • Added "Copy" and "Clear" to the console UI
  • Reduced crafting time of all modular car engine components from 30s to 10s


  • Fixed garage doors blocking placement on the floor above them while open
  • Running a dedicated server will no longer set graphics quality to 0 on clients on the same machine
  • Fixed issue where binding a key to nothing that was also a default key wouldn’t save correctly and the binding would be lost on next boot (can now unbind mouse wheel)
  • Fixed glowing hair in player inventory preview
  • Fixed issue where players would get stuck in a placeholder dance when respawning if they were dancing when killed
  • Fixed Boom Box loading incorrect URL after a player leaves and enters network range or after a respawn
  • Fixed tanker car module not getting properly disconnected from water sources when moving
  • Fixed Small sign stacking
  • Fixed elevator exploits
  • Fixed excessive explosion force on the chinook
  • Fixed cargo ship layouts breaking during server restart
  • Fixed paddle glow outline being flipped


  • Removed Gravis Island from Facepunch servers


  • Fixed broken / untranslatable mission objectives
  • Fixed mission rewards displaying the wrong amount
  • Allow hot air balloon override cargoship parenting
  • Attacking sharks no longer flags the player as hostile
  • Fixed flying camper module config cars
  • Fixed bottom of the screen sleeping bag button not correctly unlocking after the cooldown elapses
  • Fixed edgecase module car double ups


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