Rust Marque Logo


  • Added MLRS
  • Adding 4 desert military base monuments
  • Added MLRS Ammo
  • Added MLRS Targeting module item


  • Undo Redo support for painting
  • Search option when browsing shops at marketplace
  • Can now loot items in campervan storage while it's on a lift
  • Can now use hand gestures while crouching (doesn't apply to dances)
  • New entity.downloadsign convar downloads sign data to the game folder in png form (admin only)
  • Reduced horse dung
  • Added "hits" to combat log (how many previous objects a projectile has hit)
  • Added "integrity" to combat log (how much of its maximum damage % a projectile did)
  • Added "travel" to combat log (the time a projectile has traveled for)
  • Added "mismatch" to combat log (how much the client trajectory differs from the server trajectory)


  • Fixed "Too close to monument" errors appearing when other placement problems were to blame
  • Diving mask UI is now lit better while underwater in daytime
  • Fixed screen overlays (Diving goggles, heavy plate helmet) being affected by UI scale
  • Player inventory doesn't open up for a frame when a player is looted in a demo
  • Fixed tool cupboard stacking using table deployable
  • Fixed multiple rock terrain gaps
  • Fixed various TC stacking methods
  • Fixed a small gap in armored door double's hatch
  • Fixed armored door inconsistent hatch LODs behaviour
  • Fixed bonkers AO map on wooden doors gibs
  • Fixed foundation.steps.stone wrong gibs assigned
  • Blocked double jump through gas station extension ceiling
  • Fixed Player IO ent button LODs kicking in way too soon
  • Fixed floating decor in water_well_a
  • Fixed grass missing in front of supermarket
  • Fixed floating electric wire at stables_a
  • Fixed missing keypad on compound farming vending machine
  • Fixed a hole by Military tunnels mine entrance rocks
  • Fixed inaccurate shadow proxies of lighthouse
  • Fixed multiple deployment issues with beachchair


  • Removed Halloween