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  • Enhanced First Person spectate
  • Excavator supply drops


  • Excavator 2.5x more yield
  • Failed code lock entry for after 8 failed attempts now locks out user for 15mins
  • Exposed bear, boar and chicken populations in Server Admin UI
  • Increased human AI line-of-sight responsiveness.
  • Compound Bow moved to T1 Techtree
  • Compound Bow loses condition while drawn back
  • Reduced NVG grain and overlay intensity
  • Fish can now be sold for more scrap at fishing village exchange
  • MP5 NPC drop chance lowered
  • Watch tower decay, health and craft time higher
  • Table item craft no longer need metal fragments
  • Higher forest density
  • TechTree T2 electricity and car parts now on a separate branch
  • [MLRS] Increased the target hit area, and rockets cluster less towards the centre. In general it's now better for larger bases vs. precision targeting.
  • [MLRS] Increased the MLRS UI map zoom a little to make targeting easier (remember that it will show a marker you've placed as well).
  • [MLRS] The MLRS UI now supports characters from other languages.
  • [MLRS] The MLRS rocket explosion ground effect now plays at the true hit point rather than directly below the main explosion.
  • [MLRS] Reduced MLRS rocket world model size and mass to 25% of actual size and mass. No more giant rockets.


  • Fixed skull rock skin missing sound effects
  • Fixed case where ammo would be lost when an auto turret reloads a weapon
  • Animals no longer continue to attack player corpses.
  • Animals will no longer attack players inside modular vehicles.
  • Fixed desync exploit abused by some private hack providers
  • Fixed gap exploit abused by a large number of hacks
  • Fixed missions UI enabled on first open and requiring double click to close
  • Fixed some mission typos, incorrect text and wrong reward amounts
  • [MLRS] Fixed MLRS rocket backfire effects flashing on when entering LOD range.
  • [MLRS] Fixed cassette recorders not sticking correctly to MLRS moving parts.
  • Fixed SAM sites not shooting hot air balloons anymore
  • The info panel for rocket ammo now shows their true maximum range instead of a semi-fabricated one.
  • Fixed LOD issues on the excavator