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  • Added Lumberjack suit
  • Added concrete hatchet
  • Added concrete pickaxe
  • Added prototype hatchet
  • Added prototype pickaxe
  • Added region server tags
  • Added Hardcore gamemode techtree tax


  • Updated Campfire model
  • Updated furnace VFX
  • Updated campfire VFX
  • Updated cauldron VFX
  • Improved server listings
  • Update tag search behavior
  • Added an option to cap framerate to 15 while window isn't in focus
  • Improved visibility of clusters of vending machines on map
  • Horse idle animations will no longer be synced
  • Radio stations can now be updated mid-month without releasing client/server updates
  • Added world position/seed/size to the F8 performance overlay (see debug.showWorldInfoInPerformanceReadout convar)
  • Added "entcount" convar that returns all entities placed by a given player
  • Added "authcount" convar that returns all TC's/Locks that a given player is authed to
  • Can now toggle render layers in demos
  • Improved train behaviour at end of line points
  • Modular Car camper module can now be looted from the outside after the vehicle has been destroyed
  • Furnace all slots now cook at the same time.
  • Added progress bar when smelting items
  • New burning icon for items
  • Add a button to clear filters in the server browser
  • Reimplemented dropdown menus in the options menu
  • Train fuel wagons now contain more low grade fuel
  • Debris building blocker now immune to explosive damage
  • Added Hardcore gamemode Techtree tax
  • Increased car storage module size from 18 to 48
  • Increased Camper storage 12 to 18
  • Increased Saddle bags 6 to 12
  • Updated EAC to EAC EOS
  • Updated inventory item handling sounds
  • Added vent door open/close sounds (small radius)


  • Fixed not being able to pickup wooden signs
  • Further reduced chance of trees blocking ziplines
  • Fixed some moving entities (horses, vehicles, etc) disappearing in demos
  • Fixed some viewmodel sway issues in demos
  • Player corpse ragdolls now collide with vehicles instead of passing through them
  • Fixed a number of issues relating to ores dropping out of furnaces when overfilling.
  • Fixed horses falling through the middle of the ramp construction block
  • Fixed several out of bounds exploits
  • Fixed viewmodels not appearing after reconnecting if player disconnects while gesturing
  • Fixed hurt punch screen overlay occurring when the debug cam is active
  • Fixed Chocolate item description, icon, shortname from "chocholate" to "chocolate"
  • Fixed two of the water treatment plant cylinders making the environment super dark when standing inside them
  • Fixed reflection probe / ambient light updating slower than intended
  • Fixed several spawn populations theoretically being allowed to spawn on rail
  • Fixed gate external stone gates displaying incorrectly at a distance
  • Fixed fireplace output slots
  • Fixed the very first right-click of a vehicle module from player inventory into a vehicle on it modular car lift eating the module.