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  • Can no longer have more than 15 respawn options
  • Can connect to servers via Steam query port as well as game port


  • Respawn options are now visible on the map during gameplay
  • Can copy+paste filter configs on the conveyor screen by holding shift
  • Industrial tool now shows the name of the item attached to a storage adaptor when hovering over industrial connections
  • RF Transmitter can now change frequency via inventory (like pager)
  • RF Transmitter can now change frequency while in another player’s TC radius
  • Can now ping as soon as binoculars are equipped, no need to zoom
  • Pings now have unique sound effects
  • Pings placed outside of your field of view will now flash the compass
  • Added a crosshair to the binoculars
  • Pings now fade out when they time out
  • Pings can be deleted regardless of equipped item
  • Increased size of pings
  • Added a list of current local and team markers to the top left of the map
  • Markers will now show 4 characters from the label on the compass
  • Improved visibility of map markers on snowy areas
  • Raised attachment point of storage adaptor on vending machines for easier placement around windows
  • Horses now have several new idle animations
  • Building skins can now changed by pressing Q and E in the hammer radial menu
  • Internal memory pool improvements for better thread safety performance
  • Modders can now update CUI without destroying & recreating
  • 'infiniteammo' convar
  • 'repair_inventory' command
  • 'skin_radius' and 'upgrade_radius' commands
  • Resolution of signs doubled
  • Debris added to shopfront & vending machine
  • Improved shader graphics of black telephone wires around the map


  • Fixed tooltips briefly flickering out of position in some UI
  • Fixed missing cowbell 3rd person mallet
  • Fixed old map markers staying on the map after changing server
  • Fixed RF pager no longer able to be set to Silent
  • Fixed items with redirect skins sometimes not being counted by Industrial Conveyor filters
  • Fixed steam://connect links not working
  • Fixed floaty pylon placement edge cases
  • Fixed building blocks getting fully repaired when changing their skin
  • Fixed sunlight leaks inside the Nuclear Missile Silo on some map seeds
  • Fixed loot getting stuck under the big missile in the Nuclear Missile Silo
  • Vending machines no longer give out stacks greater than max stacksize after restart
  • Steam nicknames fixed


  • Disabled legacy server analytics


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