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  • Brutalist building skin
  • Cached server browser
  • Global Networked Bases


  • Slightly increased mp5 damage
  • Increased mp5 accuracy while bursting
  • Thompson has increased center-hit probability
  • Custom smg has increased center-hit probability
  • Tool Cupboard now shows upkeep costs and tool slots on the same page
  • Tool Cupboard now has an extra tool slot
  • Added debug.repeatcommand convar, repeats the last command entered into the console
  • The debug console history will no longer add duplicate consecutive entries
  • Can now toggle vending machines on and off in the map
  • Vehicle dismount hold time option has now been modified to allow individual dismount hold times for Ground, Aquatic and Air Vehicles as well as Horses
  • Getting killed via a homing missile while in a helicopter will now list the missile and player responsible on the death screen instead of just the helicopter
  • The parachute now checks that there is vehicle free space above it when deploying, prevents parachutes deploying and clipping into helicopters causing erratic behaviour
  • The Minicopter and Scrap helicopter have had some new sounds added to bring them in line with the newer vehicles, including unique explosion sounds
  • Expanded workbench source area, able to stand slightly further away and craft
  • Reduced water pump preventbuilding volume
  • Small battery output, capacity
  • Water catchers now fill much faster when raining, even faster in stormy weather
  • Bad weather probability increased, higher chance of rain, storms and fog
  • Increased quarry no build radius
  • More loot in launch site main building of launch site
  • Moved light switches of LS main building to second set of entrance doors, players will now always pass one
  • Homing missile crafting cost reduced
  • Homing missiles now stack to 4


  • Fixed custom underwear not being applied when first joining a server
  • Fixed parachute killing players when landing on a flat-ish surface
  • Fixed players being able to use the parachute to skip a section of Launch Site using a small jump (forward momentum now takes 1s to kick in)
  • Parachute gibs no longer show the wind effect
  • Parachute pickup time can now be set on the server (server.parachuteRepackTime)
  • Fixed tooltips not getting properly clamped on screen
  • Fixed Filter Fail output on Industrial Conveyor not working if the Conveyor was set to Require All
  • Fixed issue where a gun inserted into the Attack Helicopter would incorrectly get attached to the player in the gunner seat
  • Fixed map marker legend getting pushed off screen if too many markers were placed
  • Fixed first person hands snapping into place when deploying the parachute
  • Fixed players being able to negate fall damage with incendiary ammo
  • Fixed Minicopter push command not applying correct forces
  • Fixed Industrial Conveyor not calculating filters properly when connected to a Locker after the parachute changes
  • Fixed jumping with a parachute equipped on the RHIB cousin the parachute to deploy and immediately crash
  • Fixed parachutes playing wood breaking noises when destroyed
  • Fixed quarries incorrectly animating when first entering network range
  • Fixed player hair no longer having a visible seam/shadow on the forehead.
  • Fixed not being able to access the vending machine admin panel if the vending machine was too far above the player
  • Fix for bows offsetting view slightly when deployed
  • Fixed not being able to wire IO connections when standing on a bed, sleeping bag or car lift
  • Fixed a case where the torch could be lit underwater
  • Fixed wood and armoured single doors preventing interaction through the doorway for a second after opening
  • Fixed recurring LS tower skip


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