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Community Update 251

Upcoming Twitch Drops, Teaser Trailers, New Test Environments, IRL Turrets, Cool 3D Art, and more!

21 April 2023
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May 16th-20th!
Make sure you are synced at to get your skins once they're live!

More details to follow on our socials.

In Case You Missed It!

Staging Aux02 branch is now available for public testing for the upcoming Nuclear Missile Silo (NMS) monument.

This is early testing, you'll encounter bugs and missing gameplay features. Please report any issues using F7.

You can get to this branch of the beta by making sure you have the Rust - Staging Branch downloaded in your Steam Library.

From there you can right-click Rust - Staging Branch  >> betas tab >> use the dropdown to select aux02 - upandcoming
Your game files will reallocate and you'll download the testing branch.

Have fun!
This thing deserved its own section.  Ok_Marsupial6435 has created a life size airsoft autoturret!

Seems it's a work in progress.

"It will feature 2-axis AI motion tracking using CV, 2 T-motor pancake actuators, a servo for the trigger, and a STM32H7A3 microcontroller. It will mirror the game mechanics exactly. Most of the parts are CNC aluminum, weighing about 60 lbs."

You can follow along here!
Dust recently embarked on a somewhat self-taught adventure of re-creating 3D rust scenes using Blender.  I've always been a big fan of this type of art style.  We see a lot Youtube creators adopting these for thumbnails. Happy to see it getting more love!

Here's a handful of scenes he's made.  Enjoy! :) 
He asked we give a special shoutout to the 3D artist community! He said they helped him out a lot with learning and were very welcoming!
Sinks is making a Rust movie!  All he would give me was this teaser.  He was being rather stubborn about it too.
I will say the music choice is really giving off some kind of vibe.  I'll try and get some more from him.  This looks exciting!
EpicDesk has a great campaign going!  They specialize in huge desk/mouse mats curated by some of your favorite Rust creators!

Current campaigns:

MarkPlayz - Pre-orders end May 2nd

iRisk - Pre-Orders end May 4th

Dust - Pre-orders end May 3rd
Watch their socials for any new campaigns in the future!
Just nevermind.

How to ruin roofcampers ...and your FPS.

Favorite comment was "Eggiggity"

Grenades use gravity :)
If you made something cool or saw something cool, reach out! Tag me on the Twitterverse or u/ErrnieGerrn Reddit.

Cover art by Dust!