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Community Update 260

Amusement Parks, Fight Clubs, Music Parodies, Cosplay, and Twitch drops maybe?

25 April 2024
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United States
Last blog I showcased many of the big-hitters in the Rust Creative Arts community.  This month they have literally combined forces to play together for an entire month and managed to make a giant amusement park on the water!

I present to you:  Rustic Reef
From a life size DDR game, to a roller coaster. They even managed to mimic a ferris wheel.

The masterminds behind this project are: DaVinci, Philieve, Monstera, and Silverfox.

Philieve breaks down who's doing what and how the whole project came about.
DaVinci gives us the scenic tour!
And pyromaniac Silverfox shows off his firework skills.
I'll try and do a better job of giving you all a heads up next time they do a project like this so people can experience it in real time!  Absolute legends.
Who is the greatest rock fighter in Rust? Can a "nobody" defeat the Rock - Boxing World Champion?
Balding Bus brings us a real toe-tapper Rust parody music video!

Our friend over at Real & Game has outdone himself once again.

Made an entire Rust electrical setup IRL.

If you made something cool or saw something cool, reach out! Tag me on X or u/ErrnieGerrn Reddit.


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