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Deep Sea

This month's Rust update brings you an updated water system, drivable Tugboat with a buildable area, Abyss Item pack, Ferry terminal monument, and the usual fixes and improvements.

06 July 2023
We're excited to release our new water system this month! This new water system has been in the works for two years and features large ocean waves that realistically move towards land, a new fancy water transition line when the camera is partially underwater and various other visual improvements. There's a lot that goes into a system like this, especially when it physically interacts with as many different objects and vehicles as it does for us, but we think the result looks and feels fantastic.

Ahoy there! We be addin' a hukin' seaworthy tugboat to maps that feature yon harbor monument. A one or two o' 'em may appear 'round each port.

On the whole she behaves much akin to the ol' rowboat or yer trusty RHIB. Stride up to the wheel, ye can slosh in some low-grade fuel, set the great engine afire, and whisk her away into the vast blue yonder.
What sets this sea dog apart, is ye can stake yer claim at the helm, just like ye'd seize a Tool Cupboard in a fortress o' wood and stone. Once ye've done that, ye'll be havin' the freedom to install doors into doorways and deploy items on th' boat 'erself.

She don't support every little thing yet - ye can't be fiddling with electrical components for example - but there's enough to make 'er useful as a floatin' fortress on the briny deep.

In terms of attackin', tugboat doors can be breached as ye'd expect, and the vessel itself can be damaged, and mended wit' a hammer's touch. If destroyed, she'll descend to Davy Jones' Locker, takin' all aboard down with her. Any claims to the vessel be washed away when she takes her final dive, leavin' room for any scallywag to salvage what remains.

Give her a tick more, and she'll eventually shatter, leavin' nought but memories, clearin' the way for a new sea dog to take her place back at the harbor.

This month we're introducing a new addition to Rust's permanent store, the Abyss item pack. The Abyss item pack contains five items, two metal tools, a torch, an assault rifle, and a  hazmat reskin.

Abyss Divers Suit

A damaged deep-water diverts suit was found in the abyss. Although it may no longer serve its original purpose, it functions reliably as a Hazmat suit.
The Abyss Divers suit comes in 3 variants. When crafted, it'll be assigned a random variant. 

Abyss Assault Rifle

A waterlogged assault rifle from the Abyss.

Abyss Metal Pickaxe

Plucked from the abyss, this Metal Pickaxe is a prized possession for any survivor.
The Abyss metal pickaxe is a reskin for the metal pickaxe.

Abyss Metal Hatchet

Reclaimed from the abyss, perfect for survival and crafting
The Abyss hatchet is a reskin for the metal hatchet.

Abyss Torch

Illuminate the underwater depths with this durable and waterproof diving torch.
The Abyss item pack is now available from the Steam and in-game stores.
Shipping Container Skin
Updated floor to show corrugated on the top when not built over
Spray Can Skinning
Spray Can no longer losses durability when reskinning deployables
Quick Untie
The combat knife can now untie underwater crates quickly
In this patch we are releasing this first preview of the Ferry Terminal monument. It is going to be expanded upon at a later date to offer its full potential as a terminal. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, the monument offers regular loot, a recycler and a subway connection. Enjoy!
I recently rejoined the company, after a few years' hiatus, to help bring Rust some long overdue rendering updates. To start off slowly but steadily and reacquaint myself with the codebase, I decided to address some long-standing requests from artists by tackling low hanging fruit. As it usually happens, this led to a significant overhaul of our shader backend. While the visual changes may be subtle for now, we will reap the benefits for months to come.

The changes include:

  • Reduction in Shader memory usage and loading times.
  • A new Decal Layer Masking feature to help artists get more out of decals, a quick and cheap way to add detail to our worlds.
  • Enhancement of Shading Quality through the implementation of new lighting functions and high precision normals.
  • Addition of Anisotropic metal materials to simulate brushed metals, satin, and silk fabrics.
  • Inclusion of a Transmission option for all materials, not just limited to foliage, allowing for simple light transmission.
  • Integration of a Subsurface Scattering option for all materials, enabling the simulation of substances such as ice, silicone, marble, wax, and others that scatter light within their volumes.
  • Unified Metallic and Specular workflow, which could potentially lead to unlocking these features to skin creators.

These changes, along with various quality-of-life enhancements for artists working on the game, pave the way for more substantial improvements in the future.

Last month the BBC ended support for their shoutcast streams, which unfortunately makes their streams inaccessible via the Boom Box. We've added a few more stations to try and make up for it and the new stations should generally cover the sort of content that was lost.

Apologies for the inconvenience but unfortunately this change was out of our control.


  • New water system
  • New Ferry Terminal monument
  • New driveable tugboat


  • Driver now visually holds and turns the wheel on the RHIB
  • Added turn on/off animations for torches
  • Shipping container skin meshes now batched
  • Caves lighting has been refreshed/fixed in areas where lights were too bright/too dark


  • Fixed voicemail failing to initialise properly when a cassette is inserted into a Telephone
  • Fixed some console warnings when listening to voicemails
  • Boom boxes that fail to connect to a streaming URL will now be able to reconnect to another URL if they are turned off/on
  • Fixed pools receiving too much water from sprinklers leading to excess water
  • Fixed Industrial Conveyor screen not showing moving items if those items were being stacked onto an existing item
  • Improved server performance with some problematic Industrial configurations
  • Fixed NVG screen effect scaling with UI scale, should now be consistent regardless of resolution or UI scale
  • Fixed torch/rocks skins not properly being applied on a fresh spawn
  • Fixed foot IK being applied incorrectly after being forcibly dismounted from a vehicle (eg. crashing a minicopter)
  • Fixed incorrect tooltip rendering
  • Fixed able to splash damage inside walls of shipping container walls with rockets from outside
  • Updated available radio stations
  • Fixed boat wake effects being framerate-dependent


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