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Happy Halloween

A darkness is falling upon Rust, monsters are awakening, portals are opening, and skulls are breaking. Enter if you dare.

23 October 2023
The Halloween events are now enabled! Once roughly every two in-game days, a candy hunt event will begin. You'll have 3 minutes to collect as many candies as you can. The top 3 players are given special loot bags as a reward. These candies and loot bags can be opened for various types of loot ranging from scrap all the way up to an M249!

If you don't make the podium, that's okay. The candies you collect can be upgraded for better loot.
There are various items available to help you during your hunt. The Pumpkin Bucket will allow instant pickup of candies and the Scarecrow Wrap and Ghost Costume will provide you with an advantage via Candy Vision.
The Halloween event will run until November 2nd.

Have fun!

What to do with all them body parts? Let's build a monster! To start building your own monster, first, you must slay scarecrows and mummies that roam the lands. Once you've collected a head, torso and legs, craft yourself a Frankenstein's table and place the body parts within the table.
Awaken your new pet monster and control it by pressing "P".
The monster will follow your orders without question. It'll follow you around the map, defend you if attacked and help slay foes you wish to attack.
If you're having trouble accessing the pet menu or already have a key bound to "P" then use the following console command:  bind X +pets or open the in-game controls menu.
Cultists are said to have been opening portals throughout the world, others believe it's a Cobalt experiment code-named R.U.I.N gone horribly wrong. Not much is known about these portals or what they do, only a few chads have entered and made it back alive.
Do you dare to enter?
Server owners can adjust the portal count using the halloweendungeon.population convar.
This year we've added three new Halloween-themed items, one purchasable and two free.

Dracula Mask & Cape

Purchasable this year is the Dracula mask. The mask offers early-game head protection and requires ten pieces of cloth to craft.

The cape is a robustly thick outer garment that provides superior protection to the wearer.

Capes can be found on the corpses of the undead.

Wooden Stake

A stake adorned with unique properties makes it able to release the soul of undead creatures with a single strike and yield extra loot from their remains.

Stakes can be found on the corpses of the undead.
We're excited to announce Rust's second pumpkin carving competition!

Using Rust's in-game carvable pumpkin item, carve a design worthy of pleasing the horrid creatures at Facepunch.


£250 worth of skins of their choosing.

Runner up

£125 worth of skins of their choosing.

How To Submit

Once you’ve carved your best and scariest pumpkin design, take a screenshot and upload the image to X, formally known as Twitter, tag us & use the hashtag #RustHalloween2023

The winner and runner-up will be announced from Rust's official Twitter account on November 8th.


Submissions will be judged based on the following:
  • Creativity
  • Design (Not required to be Halloween themed)
Judging will be performed by Facepunch Staff.


This competition is run by Facepunch Studios Lt. The competition ends on November 5th 2023 23:59UTC. No more than three entries per person. The winner and runner-up will be selected based on which pumpkin carving Facepunch thinks is the most original/creative, and any decisions Facepunch makes will be final. The winner and runner-up must claim their prizes within one month of the closing date (which Facepunch may exchange for an alternative of the same or greater value). Our terms of service apply to any content you make for the competition: Winning entries must pick items from the Rust marketplace with market value. Designs uploaded or aided using third-party applications will be disqualified.
Last years Halloween items have been raised from the dead, head over to the Rust item store.

Skull Trophy Pack
A decorative mount that can hold the skull of a friend or foe, including his/her name.

Comes in 4 variations
Skull Spike Pack
Inflict fear into your enemies with these decorative Skulls on spikes.

Comes in 3 variations
Mummy Underwear
Replace your default underwear with some new spooky underwear.

No crafting required!

Hockey Facemask

Hide your facial deformities with this creepy hockey mask. 
The Hockey Facemask skin is a reskin of the Metal Facemask.

Cultist Deer Torch

The Cultists must have dropped this while opening the portals throughout the world.
The Cultist Deer Torch is a reskin of the starter torch. Once the torch skin is selected or crafted, you'll respawn with this skin.

Baseball Bat

It wouldn't be a zombie apocalypse without hitting zombies in the head with a baseball bat!
The Baseball bat is a reskin of the mace melee weapon.

There is also a bunch of Halloween themed skins on the Rust Item Store!


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