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Mixing Table Update

We've added a mixing table to create teas which provide time limited boosts as well as other items to craft, conditional roof tiles, a wooden barricade and an armoured passenger module for the vehicles along with various other fixes and improvements.

06 August 2020
The mixing table is a new deployable that lets you mix items together to create new items. Ingredients must be placed in the correct order and quantities that match the chosen recipe. The mixing table is primarily used to mix berry recipes into a range of new tea items, but it can also be used to create explosives.
I've added Damian's different coloured berry plants to the game, all of which can be found in the wild or grown through the farming system. The berries restore a small amount of calories and hydration, but their main use is as ingredients for the new mixing table tea recipes.
To allow for the the various modifier effects of the new tea items, I added a new Boosts system. This lets items add stat modifiers for limited durations and shows all the information in the UI. A notification highlighting how many boosts you currently have active appears in the notification area. You can see further information by hovering the new Boosts icon on the character screen. This will list any current boosts, their values and their remaining durations.
Teas are a new set of items that grant limited duration boosts, and are created using the Mixing Table. There are eight different kinds of tea, each with three tiers: Basic, Advanced and Pure. Each tier has a stronger effect than the previous tier.
For the Rust legacy veterans, you should recognize the following, introducing the Wooden Barricade! This new deployable provides great cover during firefights and decays rapidly when placed outside of building privilege. We'll be monitoring how players use these compared to the existing external walls during firefights, if players still prefer external walls we'll look at making further changes to discourage external wall placement during PvP.
This month sees the introduction of new roof corner models. For the longest time the only option has been a straight roof. It felt like we had the tools and time this patch to expand on that a little bit. While this is a vast improvement over what was available it’s not a magic one click solution for your roofs. There are limitations at play within the building system which meant not all imaginable roof case could be covered. The new system will fill in corners be it concave or convex depending on the surrounding roof blocks. It also sees the introduction of a triangle roof block which you should be using whenever you are building roofs above a triangle footprint to ensure the best roof continuity across your base.

Armoured passenger module

Previously the only armoured module had a driver's seat in it, so this fills that gap. The armoured passenger module has two passenger seats, and the front windows have metal panels that can be fully closed for extra protection.
The armoured cockpit module has also had a visual update to better differentiate it from the new passenger module.

General improvements

The vehicle lift bounds have been updated so it can now fit in a T-shaped area. Cars on a powered vehicle lift will no longer decay at all, and I've fixed a bug that affected all vehicles where the inside/outside check could return the wrong result, so parking inside should now always correctly slow down the decay rate. Engine internal items will also no longer decay along with the car, so there's no need to take them out to preserve them. Individual panels now have their own gibs, rather than just disappearing when damaged. Driving off-road is now more viable (although using roads is still recommended) due to reduced collision damage and reduced damage to engine internal components, plus an improved ability to climb hills. Collisions with humans or animals now apply a force and damage back to the car itself.
I don't usually write much about the optimisation work I do, mainly because the improvements are usually small, they might only apply to certain users or there's not really much to write about. Alistair asked me to start including them in the blog though in an effort to communicate that performance is something we take seriously and keep everyone in the loop. Over the last few months we've seen an approx 3ms (30 fps) improvement in performance on our benchmarking machines due to various fixes and improvements that we've found (upgrading Unity, Rohan's UI improvement, etc.) This month sees another decent increase in general performance. Our benchmark testing machines are showing a consistent 0.5 - 1.0 ms (5-10 fps) improvement depending on the run. The main reason for this increase is the monument hierarchy flattening work. When Unity recalculates render bounds, having deep hierarchies slows this calculation down significantly. There's more we can do in this area (although the results won't be anywhere near as significant) which we'll be including in next months patch after testing.
Jarryd recently implemented a MIDI Convar system with a set of commands allowing you to bind MIDI notes to convars in Rust. These functions are only accessible by server admins, however they can also be used during demo playback for cinematic-related controls.
The example clip above shows me operating knobs/sliders on a MIDI controller to adjust convars for debug camera controls, depth of field and time of day. Any MIDI device, such as a MIDI keyboard or controller, should work with this system. If you don't own a MIDI hardware device, you can instead use a software solution. The clip below demonstrates using a mobile/tablet app to send MIDI notes to Rust:
Visit the MIDI Binding Page on our Wiki for details on how to setup MIDI convar binds.


  • Added triangular roof pieces
  • Added conditional roof corners
  • Added armoured passenger module
  • Added MidiConvar system
  • Wooden Barricade Cover
  • Added Mixing Table
  • Added Boosts system
  • Added berry plants
  • Added Tea items and recipes


  • Better audio bundle layout (build time optimization)
  • Vehicle lift bounds updated so it can now fit in a smaller T-shaped area
  • Engine internal items no longer decay along with the car, and take 50% less damage when the engine module is damaged
  • Reduced car collision damage by 50%
  • Cars on a powered vehicle lift no longer decay
  • Collisions with humans or animals now apply a force and damage back to the car itself
  • Individual panels on car modules now have their own gibs
  • Increased ability to drive vehicles up steep slopes
  • New carstats console command gives admins detailed info about all the cars in the world
  • Running forwards while deploying a Boogie Board will now apply some forward movement to the board
  • Hostile UI marker will only show when within 200m of a safe zone
  • Doors will now check for vehicle blockages while opening
  • Sunburn DLC Pools can now accept salt water
  • Reduced bone arrow thickness
  • Vehicle parts crate now spawns with two vehicle components
  • Removed middle building pocket from horseshoe cave (Balance)
  • Water pumps are now faster and each pump yield more water
  • Above ground swimming pool HP increase
  • Multiple sell order balance cost changes


  • Fixed several server DOS attack vulnerabilities
  • Fixed several hack / exploit vulnerabilities
  • Fixed server browser copy / pasting the query port instead of the connection port
  • Fixed roof weak side detection (now receive increased damage when hitting them from the inside)
  • Fixed inside/outside checks sometimes returning outside when a vehicle was actually inside (fixes indoor decay rate)
  • Attempted fix for cars getting stuck in thin colliders (may still happen, let us know)
  • Fixed cars and minicopters being unusable on load if the game was saved while they were starting their engines
  • Fixed car collisions with horses not always registering if hit at high speed
  • Fixed explosion forces not always knocking cars around if the car was empty and stationary
  • Fixed cars sliding sideways in a weird way when stopped on slopes
  • Fixed server-side projectiles (autoturrets, NPCs) sometimes being able to shoot into armoured modules
  • Fixed hot air balloon collider being present even when the balloon is not inflated
  • Fixed "SwitchedParent Missed horse.corpse" server error spam
  • Fixed skins not showing on third person models for bone club and bone knife
  • Fixed hostile UI marker appearing in demos
  • Fixed skins not appearing on thrown satchel charges
  • Fixed crafting menu appearing when moving camera down in demo mode
  • Fixed incorrect body shadows when wearing the bunny onesie
  • Fixed players standing up briefly when getting shot while seated
  • Fixed being able to set the fov to 0 while on a boogie board or inner tube
  • Boogie Board and Inner Tube will now take damage from thrown weapons
  • Improved server performance for large farms
  • Fixed getting dismounted while flying low over AirWolf on HapisIsland
  • Fixed supply drop flying away after getting hit by projectiles
  • Fixed spiral stairs not adding to upkeep and decay costs
  • Fixed tesla coil receiving damage through walls


  • Removed animation from water/fluid pump [temp]
  • Removed SavasIsland


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