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Repopulation Unit Survival Test has begun, again? This Month's update brings the new Missile silo monument, lore, wipe events, SMG weapon buffs, building skins and much more.  

04 May 2023
This month we bring you an all-new monument that we have been quietly working on for the past few months, the Nuclear Missile Silo. 

While exploring the map you will run across a small military base that will be marked from the distance by a tall radio tower. While unremarkable from the outside, the base hides a secret. In its center you will find a large hatch that will allow you to access a large underground network of tunnels.
Jump in while the hatch is open and you will find yourself inside a deep underground missile silo that hosts a massive ICBM. Remember that while you're in you can't go back easily, so be prepared before you enter.
As you explore, you will find various rooms filled with loot and a new dangerous type of Scientist who will shoot anyone trying to interfere with their experiments. Fight your way through and take the elevators to the bottom of the structure and you will find a nuclear warhead connected to a laptop displaying an ominous countdown. 

To exit the monument you will need to find a security room that contains a button that will temporarily let you out. The room also contains a computer station that will allow you to access several security cameras and spy on any potential campers. 

As the countdown to the cycle reset approaches zero on the laptop in the missile silo, the amount of NPC activity around the island will increase.
 Vehicle patrols will begin on roads and fighter jets will patrol the skies. Future wipe events will include infantry patrols, bombing runs and more.

Repopulation Unit Survival Test has begun, again? 
The Thompson and MP5 have received a buff to their accuracy. Both weapons will now have a higher probability to land center hits during extended fully automatic fire. In addition, the Thompson recoil will favor one side for slightly easier control. While SMGs are not intended to be used for long range engagements, we are aware that their usefulness at range should not be 0%. We will continue to monitor and make adjustments over the following few months.
Available now from the Rust store is the new Adobe building skin which allows you to change the visuals of your base. This skin is for sale on the Steam store. To use, simply equip your hammer tool, display the wheel, enable building skins, this should reveal the skin's wheel on which you may choose Adobe style upgrade.

This skin is equivalent to the stone building tier for stats.

We'll be releasing more building skins in the near future.

Flashbangs now work against Scientists, blinding them briefly. Whilst blinded, Scientists lose their targets and are unable to accurately navigate.

The effect is also slightly more effective against the new Night Vision Goggle Scientist variant.
To complement the new shotgun ammo world models released in the last patch. I have been busy making the metal counterparts for the pistol and rifle ammo world models. Alongside the new world models, I have also made different versions for the different ammo types. So now you will be able to tell the difference between normal and explosive ammo when it is dropped into the world. 

So now no more losing the raid because you picked up pistol ammo instead of rifle ammo!
The recycler now animates when in operation, so you can visually see it doing it's thing.

Despite some speed bumps while setting it up & a smidge of incorrect data, we are already able to make some interesting observations.

Here are some graphs to showcase the kind of things we can measure.

If you were wondering "what do people buy workbenches for":
How AKs are born:
Total items across 50 Facepunch servers:
The camera view in Rust+ got some rendering improvements. Players no longer look completely out of place and everything is now lit according to the time of day. However, other lights (campfires, torches, etc.) will not show up yet.

I've adjusted the ranges for players to show up in the Rust+ CCTV feeds so players need to be closer to cameras to be seen in Rust+ (now 30m vs. 100m theoretically). I also added a new range for the player's name to be sent to Rust+ so you can't see names of players far away (now 10m or closer). These are controlled by the following server convars:
  • camerarenderer.entityMaxDistance (for general entities, which is just trees for now)
  • camerarenderer.playerMaxDistance (default 30, can set to 0 to never show players)
  • camerarenderer.playerNameMaxDistance (default 10, can set to 0 to never show player names)
3rd-party Rust+ bots have been getting out of control so we've decided to implement a few changes to make them less effective.
  • Disallowed Rust+ from viewing all static CCTV cameras (eg. oil rigs)
  • Crate and explosion map markers are no longer sent to Rust+
  • Cameras are only usable from Rust+ when you aren't connected to the server
  • Entity/player data is now randomized by the server to make it harder for bots to understand
  • Player names are only sent to Rust+ when close enough to the cameras 

We'll be monitoring further Rust+ Bot development. Automation of game input actions must be kept to a minimum using Rust+. Extensive automation of game actions such as CCTV cameras and Drones to gain an unfair advantage is not ok.
On May 16th at 8:00 pm GMT a team of 160 well-known Twitch creators from around the world will compete in this massive global Rust competition, taking place over 5 days with a prize pool worth $100k.
During the Twitch Rivals event, Rust Twitch drops will be enabled for 5 days from selected participating channels, and well-known streamers such as hJune, Welyn, Willjum, Panpots, Buddha, DisguisedToast, Mendo and many more. 

We'd like to thank Rustoria for working with us and Twitch to make this event possible. 

Learn more about this event at Twitch Rivals
Learn more about drops at

The following hardcore servers are being retired due to low player activity. 
  • EU hardcore facepunch 2
  • EU hardcore facepunch 3
  • EU hardcore facepunch Small 1
  • US hardcore facepunch 2
  • US hardcore facepunch 3
  • US hardcore facepunch Small 1

    We'll be looking at implementing improvements based on community feedback to the hardcore and softcore gamemodes in the coming months. 


  • Adobe building skin
  • New monument: Missile silo
  • New event: Wipe day
  • Flashbangs now work against Scientists


  • Added "UnderNonScaled" and "OverlayNonScaled" panels to community UI, content in these panels won't get scaled by screen resolution
  • Added RF transmitter viewmodel admire animation
  • Added recycler animation
  • Improved internal error logging via
  • Only show steam nicknames when in team or player is friendly on the contact system
  • Added menu option to toggle steam nicknames
  • Added 'server_allow_steam_nicknames' replicated convar to allow modded servers to disable steam nicknames
  • Add menu option to use radial menu in toggle mode (trackpads)
  • Increased egg suit durability 25 -> 80
  • Phrases - removed a number of derogatory strings


  • Fixed decal.clear console command not working on glass decals
  • Fixed two vehicle lifts placed right next to each other sometimes causing unusual vehicle issues
  • Fixed errors caused by cassette player recordings that were less than 200ms long
  • Cassette player recordings now record right from the exact start time (previously the first 200ms was skipped)
  • Fix high pop servers spawning loot slower as servers are up for longer
  • Fix being kicked from server when dragging water out of container
  • Fix right-clicking pumpkins from inventory putting them on your head (you must drag them)
  • Fix lag when opening sleeping bag "give friend" UI
  • Fixed stashes disappearing on deployment
  • Fixed Cargoship front clipping exploit
  • Fixed elevator clipping into the world layer
  • Fixed a number of keycard puzzle bypasses
  • Fixed map not able to be opened while spectating
  • Fixed missing team leader map markers on death


  • Restricted ability to disable workshop skins to developers
  • Removed green military crates from some power lines (B and C variants)