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  • Adobe building skin
  • New monument: Missile silo
  • New event: Wipe day
  • Flashbangs now work against Scientists


  • Added "UnderNonScaled" and "OverlayNonScaled" panels to community UI, content in these panels won't get scaled by screen resolution
  • Added RF transmitter viewmodel admire animation
  • Added recycler animation
  • Improved internal error logging via
  • Only show steam nicknames when in team or player is friendly on the contact system
  • Added menu option to toggle steam nicknames
  • Added 'server_allow_steam_nicknames' replicated convar to allow modded servers to disable steam nicknames
  • Add menu option to use radial menu in toggle mode (trackpads)
  • Increased egg suit durability 25 -> 80
  • Phrases - removed a number of derogatory strings


  • Fixed decal.clear console command not working on glass decals
  • Fixed two vehicle lifts placed right next to each other sometimes causing unusual vehicle issues
  • Fixed errors caused by cassette player recordings that were less than 200ms long
  • Cassette player recordings now record right from the exact start time (previously the first 200ms was skipped)
  • Fix high pop servers spawning loot slower as servers are up for longer
  • Fix being kicked from server when dragging water out of container
  • Fix right-clicking pumpkins from inventory putting them on your head (you must drag them)
  • Fix lag when opening sleeping bag "give friend" UI
  • Fixed stashes disappearing on deployment
  • Fixed Cargoship front clipping exploit
  • Fixed elevator clipping into the world layer
  • Fixed a number of keycard puzzle bypasses
  • Fixed map not able to be opened while spectating
  • Fixed missing team leader map markers on death


  • Restricted ability to disable workshop skins to developers
  • Removed green military crates from some power lines (B and C variants)