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Wounded ☠️

This month's Rust update includes an updated wounded UI, Chat emoji support, brick-building skin, burst module buff, and the usual fixes and improvements.

03 August 2023
I've changed the wounded UI so that it now displays additional information relating to your wounded status. It will now tell you the probability of recovery as well as how many seconds are left until recovery/death.

Remember: Maintaining full water and food will grant you a higher probability of recovery, and a large medkit in your belt will grant 100% chance of recovery.
Chat Emoji is a new feature this month that allows you to express yourself in some new ways. You can access the new list of emoji’s via the emoji button on the right of the chat. From there you can search for a specific emoji as well as change the current selected skin tone for all of your emoji’s. You can also type a : into the regular chat box and start typing to get an autocomplete that you can navigate with the arrow keys and Enter.

In addition to the animated emoji’s you can also use the internal item name to create an emoji using the item icon (eg. :wood:).

Server owners can also create their own emoji's for use on their servers, placing 256px png or jpg images in the "serveremoji" folder in their root directory will automatically expose those emoji for use by players on the server. Find more information on the Rust Wiki

Emoji's are not currently compatible with chat in Rust+ although we’re planning on exploring this in the future.

If for any reason you do not like emojis then please find options to disable them within the in-game options:
Available now from the Rust store is the new brick-building skin which allows you to change the visuals of your stone base.

This skin is for sale at the Steam store. To use, simply equip your hammer tool, display the wheel, enable building skins, this should reveal the skin's wheel on which you may choose brick style upgrade.
Server Crash Loot
Crafting queue items are no longer lost if a server unexpectedly shuts down
World Models Stack Size
Some world models now reflect the amount dropped.
57 Art Bug Fixes
57 Art Bug Fixes, see the change log for full details
Burst modules have been buffed. While using a weapon with a burst module, The time between each shot in the burst has been reduced, and the overall recoil felt by the user has been decreased. In addition, aim cone has been reduced, resulting in a much more accurate and viable fire mode. 


  • Added new wounded information
  • Added Chat Emoji
  • Added brick building skin
  • Added procedural generation customization (world.configstring / world.configfile)


  • Buffed the burst module weapon attachment
  • C4 and satchel charges can now be placed on all vehicles again
  • Less network data required for objects sitting on other moving objects
  • Scaling free CUI layer now scales by resolution but still ignores the user’s UI scale setting
  • Ping sfx are now affected by the Game Sounds UI slider
  • Added a new model for the Laser Detector
  • Added ammo world model variations to correlate with stack size


  • Fixed a missing collider on the above-ground Work Cart
  • Fixed not being able to swim through the door of tugboats that were sunk underwater at a steep angle
  • Fixed players being pulled down with sinking tugboats
  • Fixed Industrial Conveyor not respecting Maximum amount when transferring multiple Hazmat’s with different skins
  • Fixed Industrial Conveyor failing to move an item if a broken version of that item is in the output container
  • Upgrading the grade of a building block should be much less likely to destroy industrial pipes deployed along it
  • Fixed ceiling blocks incorrectly destroying industrial pipes around them
  • Gutting a fish now displays the correct item count popups above the vitals UI
  • Fixed an extra viewmodel sometimes appearing when entering a safe zone
  • Fixed “cinematic_list” command not working
  • Can no longer place Towels underneath Foundations
  • Fixed Slot Machines not having a shadow proxy box in the deposit slot
  • Fixed SAR missing internal face on both viewmodel and world model - improved shading on world model LODs
  • Fixed gaps in the RHIB
  • Fixed RF Transmitter not having aerial extended in world model
  • Fixed clipping and motion blur issues with the access cards
  • Fixed position of the 16x scope on Homemade LMG so it doesn't clip into the face in 3rd person
  • Fixed wrong gib rotation for the small storage box
  • Fixed missing bottom faces on all LODs for the gears world models
  • Fixed gaps in the WoodCrate model
  • Fixed startup issues on macOS Sonoma
  • Improved Steam auth NetworkIdentityFailure logging
  • Fixed several issues with server side demo recording
  • Fixed demo playback exceptions always stopping demo playback entirely
  • Fixed a crate blocking players on the small oilrig docks
  • Fixed collision accuracy at back of excavator, filled the room there to block LOS
  • Fixed several locations in monuments where dropped items would clip under
  • Fixed broken concrete rubble pile in the lighthouse
  • Fixed holes in the lighthouse exterior
  • Fixed getting stuck on pipes in arctic base
  • Fixed position and sizes of the supermarket ceiling lights
  • Fixed ceiling in one of the portacabins would disappear on low graphical settings
  • Fixed several collision mesh issues for powerlines
  • Fixed Abyss Torch being lit when dropped
  • Fixed an invisible collider near the smoke stack on small oil rig
  • Fixed a bug where some monument lights were glowing even when they were turned off


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