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Rust Recap 2022

In Numbers

Patch Data

Source: changes and
Commits 9,702+
Bug Fixes 172+
Improvements 251+


Unique Players 2,002,400 On official servers
Peak Players 179,871 Game wide
Peak Players 1001 On Rustoria


Tickets Closed 55,331+
Player Reports 13,881,521+
Banned accounts 800k+


Discord 500K+ Members
Youtube 134K+ Subs
Twitter 320K+ Followers

Twitch Stats

Hours Broadcast 3,251,518
Total Views 914,812,445
Peak Concurrent Viewers 917,231
Twitch Drops Claimed 25,334,830
Chat messages Sent 198,481,847
Unique Broadcasters 1,101,306
Clips Created 1,949,059

Here's just a few of our favourite updates in 2022