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Hardcore Gamemode

This month we bring you hardcore game mode, revamped cooking and furnace UIs, storage buff along with more fixes and improvements. 

26 August 2022
A major part of Rust is its brutal nature and ruthless PvP, when we added the softcore gamemode last year we saw and have continued to see feedback that many of you want a game mode which takes away the standard Vanilla comforts we've added throughout the years and gives a more ruthless, hardcore experience, so we've done just that. 

Introducing Hardcore mode - a new game mode in Rust aimed towards veteran players, gone are the comforts such as safezones, team system and maps but don't worry, the vast majority of our servers will still be regular vanilla Rust. 
During this first pass, you will find the following changes on Hardcore servers:

  • Local chat (100m range)
  • Limit of 5 sleeping bags & beds
  • In-game changelog (top left of inventory)
  • Contact system
  • Compass
  • Crawling when wounded
  • Global chat
  • Rust+
  • Team system
  • Map
  • MLRS
  • Safe zones
  • Blueprints wipe monthly
We believe this is a good starting place for a less forgiving game mode of Rust and we will continue to iterate and improve on it moving forward. If you're a server owner and wish to enable hardcore use the following var in your server startup config "-gamemode hardcore"

10 new official servers will be launching today with this new game mode. If demand exceeds capacity we'll be launching more servers. 
Furnaces & cooking interfaces were cumbersome and not intuitive for newer players to use, requiring precise splitting of stacks to smelt efficiently, online calculators and guides to manage efficiently. We disliked this and felt we could do better, so we revamped the UI and some functionality. 

They smelt and cook at the same speed & capacity (or better!) as before while being quick and easy to use.

With this update, you'll no longer be able to store non cooking/smelting-related items inside your cooking deployables (furnace/campfire), to address this see storage buff below. 

Over the past couple of years, we've quadrupled the number of in-game items and switched over to the component system, all of which require large amounts of additional storage. Now with the cooking and smelting UI revamp and removing the ability to store items within these deployables (campfire, furance etc) it was overdue we took a look at storage. 

Today we've increased the small wooden storage capacity to 18 from 12 and the large wooden box to 48 from 30. 
In the future expect to see new types of storage solutions. 
I made some simple improvements to the coaling tower that aired in our last update inside the Trainyard monument. 

These changes include a new way to access the tower from the top where the suspended bridge is located. This will make retreat from the building easier when the area is contested.

Single Pickup UI
Mass pickups now contained within a single UI widget when hitting resources
Zipline Trees
Trees no longer block ziplines causing players to dismount and fall
Respawn Fall Damage
Fixed a long-standing bug causing players to receive fall damage after respawning
After neglecting our poor island last month, we are now patching in a boatload of much needed fixes, along with adding in a few improvements.

The new "HDRP" cliff models are way more temperamental regarding placement than the old ones, and as a result we've had our hands full identifying and plugging tons of little holes to stop sneaky players from abusing the map. This patch fixes every single one we've had reported and identified.

In addition, the long southern and northern road tunnel placeholders have been reworked. Instead of being these overly long and unpractical spaghetti monsters, they now follow a precise and much shorter path to make them a practical way to traverse. We've also dressed them up and added various loot spawns along the way.

Lastly, the road surface has been a complete mess since the big update, thanks to some technical issues I won't bore you with - but this has also been tackled now. Roads everywhere should now be smooth to drive on, with no sinking anywhere.

I won't go over all the other small fixes here and there, but know that we will continue to improve and fix anything else that comes up. Big thanks to all who submitted bug reports!
I've updated the old placeholder reclaim and marketplace models with something much more in keeping and unique. 
Rust x Twitch Rivals 2 was a huge success! and we wanted to share some interesting stats with you.

  • 386,889 peak concurrent viewers
  • 7,500,319 chat messages sent 
  • 20,062,838 total hours watched
  • 50,950,310 total views
  • 2,499,030 clip views
  • 19,037 Unique broadcasters 

  • Drops earned: 2,997,340
  • Drops claimed: 2,428,533

This is only our second Twitch Rivals and we feel it was much better than the first. With time we'll perfect it and turn it into one of the best events on Twitch!

If you wish to see more from Twitch Rivals check out the community blog here which went into more detail. 

Huge thank you to all the creators involved and special thanks to Twitch, Captains, Rustoria and skin artists who helped make this happy.  

More Twitch drops in the near future. 


  • Added Hardcore game mode


  • Better line of sight check when deploying sleeping bags and beds
  • Slightly better mesh level of detail and batching performance
  • Hapis Island: The two big road tunnels have been reworked and improved.
  • Trees should no longer block ziplines
  • Use a single pickup UI widget when hitting resources
  • Add global.consolescale convar to change font size in console
  • Distant gunshot sounds are more muffled and reverberant
  • The nailgun attack is quieter
  • Added a new option in the experimental settings to enable Optimized Loading for faster loading on SSDs


  • Fixed rail mesh sometimes not being completely smooth
  • Fixed exception at server startup on certain map seeds
  • Fixed edge case where player could receive fall damage after respawn
  • Fixed camera snapping after closing inventory on OSX
  • Hapis Island: Fixed roads surface clipping.
  • Hapis Island: Fixed all the little cliff holes we've identified and had reported.
  • Hapis Island: Various other bugfixes.
  • Fixed sprays lasting too long when sprayed indoors
  • Fixed "Too close to monument..." messages appearing incorrectly when attempting to build
  • Fixed some cases where changing spectator target while first person spectating wouldn't hide the player's body
  • Fixed not being able to delete items in UGC browser
  • Fixed players on train tracks sometimes parenting to an oncoming train instead of taking damage from it
  • Fixed Twitch Rivals trophy clipping through the world when dropped
  • Fixed Sign collisions
  • Fixed Small sign being unable to be deployed on boxes
  • Fixed Water flickering when using TSAA has been resolved


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