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  • New boat sounds
  • Scientists Compound Monument
  • Facial Hair Style 04
  • New chainsaw sounds
  • Added underwater rock formations
  • Projectile trajectory verification is now enabled by default (hack)
  • Added Diving Goggles - better underwater visiblity
  • Added Diving Wetsuit - cold/wet protection
  • Added Diving Flippers - faster water movement, slower land movement
  • Added Diving Cylinder - breathe underwater for 10 mins
  • Added dive sites and underwater loot crates
  • Added first person clothing


  • Local player footsteps are quieter than other players
  • Misc sound polish and mix tweaks
  • Improved Hair Textures and Materials
  • Improved Hair Dye Colours
  • ai_dormant true by default (server performance)
  • Improved Hapis offshore junkpile spawns
  • Improved Hapis Ch47 drop points
  • Added CH47 drop point to SiteA (Hapis)
  • Hapis Pumping station has slightly larger prevent building volume
  • Block player inputting items into elite crates
  • Block player inputting items into APC crate
  • High external walls and gates decay much faster when placed outside of TC range
  • Improved Ambient Occlusion
  • Improved underwater rendering
  • Improved CPU-side rendering performance
  • EAC SDK update
  • No longer broadcast effects to players in the connection queue (optimization)
  • Optimized radial RPCs
  • AI can reason about hostility marked players
  • Support for stationary scientists at Compound
  • Support for patrolling scientists at Compound
  • Scientists can now search for lost targets
  • Improved AI for mounted scientists
  • Stationary scientists looks at players that get close enough


  • Fixed animals spawning inside small cliffs on Hapis
  • Fixed some broken Hapis map sounds
  • Fixed nudity censor clipped by water surface; e.g. rowboat
  • Fixed crafting queue dropped item server crash exploit
  • Fixed multiple position ticks received in the same frame being ignored on the client
  • Fixed issue where AI dormant + server network caching would corrupt position timestamps
  • Fixed floating base build using triangular wall conditional models
  • Fixed server side stair collider rotation sometimes being incorrect after rotating
  • Fixed roof side exploits
  • Fixed fanned wall stacking exploits
  • Fixed foundation steps sometimes being unplaceable
  • Fixed speed resource gathering (hack)
  • Fixed speed swim and crouch (hack)
  • Fixed looting dropped items through walls (hack)
  • Fixed placing deployables through walls (hack)
  • Fixed damage through walls via head clipping (hack)
  • Fixed silent melee swing and attack (hack)
  • Fixed silent projectile impacts (hack)
  • Fixed sign upload lag (exploit)
  • Fixed rapid fire bow (hack)
  • Fixed unlimited oxygen (hack)
  • Fixed chat UI corruption (exploit)
  • Fixed crossbow attachments turning invisible when no arrow is loaded
  • Can no longer spears etc under water
  • Mounted players auto dismount if their head clips geometry
  • Can no longer mount moving boats if the boat has a driver
  • Junkpile scientists no longer hover over the ground
  • Junkpile scientists despawn with the junkpile
  • Scientist burst firing stop when they lose target
  • Fixed range consideration for mounted scientists
  • Fixed animal spawning where they would sometimes not come to life
  • Scientists should no longer crouch walk
  • Optimized the Geiger Counter


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