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  • Added new physics sounds to a bunch of items
  • Heavy Plate Armor added - slows movement
  • Added laser sight to sentry turret
  • Added Caveman sash to any player who touches any hostile item (until death)


  • Improved playback of item physics sounds
  • New Bear skin rug deployable
  • New common rug deployable
  • New chair deployable
  • New table deployable
  • Fridge is easier to place, lock position correct, destroy on ground missing
  • Twig and stone floors are flat (no more intersecting with deployables)
  • Optimized impact particle effect and decal render distances
  • Increased size of some world models
  • New gunpowder world model
  • Codelock world model
  • Wooden spear optimisation & prefab cleanup
  • Fix for offset ak world model
  • Shopfront has small delay before trade is confirmed (less jarring)
  • Shopfront has same health as sheet metal wall
  • Can right-click to move items into shopfront inventory (both parties)
  • Player Hostile status no longer persists between deaths (peacekeeper)
  • No longer show crosshair when aiming at the non-usable part of an entity
  • Water bottle no longer hostile to peacekeepers
  • Bota bag no longer hostile to peackeepers
  • Bucket no longer hostile to peacekeepers
  • Rock no longer hostile to peacekeepers
  • Any damage dealt to anything marks players hostile to peacekeepers
  • Vending machine screen icon no longer clips text
  • Vending machine screen displays stacksize of item for sale
  • Vending machine has same health as armored wall
  • Monuments are labeled on the map
  • Vending machines have broadcast option to display on everyones map
  • Vending machine has small light animation on keypad
  • Codelocks can have Guest codes - no unlocking only opening
  • Beds can be made public - anyone can then take it over


  • Fixed damage on Jack O Lanterns
  • Fixed performance regression related to anisotropic filtering
  • Fixed flamethrower going through shopfront
  • Fixed shopfront being able to be double stacked
  • Fixed ceiling light moving the wrong way when shot


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