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  • Added server side collider batching to work around the Unity collider limit
  • Added prefab pooling to effects, decals, dynamic decor, building blocks and sounds
  • Added pooling support to all LOD components
  • Bean can & f1 grenades - Added hold state & anim while aiming
  • Added correct AI obstacle shapes to building pieces
  • Added deploy volume that uses the newly added unified entity OBB


  • Roof blocks are cheaper
  • Roof blocks are tougher
  • NPCs die of starvation more
  • Completely reworked entity visibility queries, fixing various issues along the way
  • Server time warnings show whether it was caused by a garbage collection
  • Server console show garbage collection count
  • Optimized dynamic memory allocations when refreshing grass meshes
  • Objects created by the protobuffer system use a pool
  • Protobuffers write directly to the network stream, instead of creating a byte[]
  • Increased calorie consumption
  • Hammer - smoothed out anim speeds
  • SMG - dryfire fix
  • Sound volumes use a scale that is closer to how humans hear
  • Set up third person reload sounds again
  • Toned down wounded heartbeat sound
  • Gunshots and explosions duck other sounds slightly
  • Rocket flight is audible from farther away
  • First pass at silenced gunshots
  • New thunder sounds
  • New door impact sounds
  • New tree impact sounds
  • Bush rustle sound tweaks
  • Calmed reverb tail wander on gunshots and explosions down a touch
  • Sound templates are pooled
  • Arrows, spears and sign world models gibs
  • Auto saves are every 10 minutes instead of every 5
  • Developer 1 only works if you're a developer/admin
  • Updated EAC
  • Errors/Exceptions are highlighted red in the server console
  • Errors/Exceptions on server log the stacktrace too
  • Improved gib performance
  • Impact effects now get the exact terrain material at impact (sand, dirt, …)
  • Fireballs use better sound balancing (client side performance)
  • Run the garbage collector in the loading screen (join, respawn)
  • Clamp AF between 1 and 16 (fixes silent errors)
  • Updated CraggyIsland (dev test map)


  • Fixed some effects not being recycled
  • Fixed ragdolls not inheriting effects (blood disappear on death)
  • Fixed arrows being almost impossible to fire through window bars
  • Fixed cliffs never switching to lower LODs
  • Fixed being able to loot a corpse from far away
  • Rocket Launcher - Fixed snapping when going to ironsight, added dryfire sounds
  • Made bow viewable, fixed popping on idle loop, improved transition when cancelling shot
  • Salvaged sword - fixed snapping on hit reactions
  • Fixed query throttle not working
  • Fixed crash in status console command
  • Fixed building stability issues caused by collider batching
  • Fixed entity collision event not resolving batched colliders
  • Fixed water level test for entities with zero bounds
  • Fixed terrain alpha cutoff range being too far away


  • Fixed effects dying when target object was removed


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