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  • Added holosight weapon mod
  • Added admin.mutevoice <player>
  • Added admin.unmutevoice <player>
  • Added admin.mutechat <player>
  • Added admin.unmutechat <player>
  • Added indexes to databases
  • Added global.streamermode <0|1>
  • Added flags for client side effects and attacks to projectiles
  • Added memory usage/garbage collections to perf 2/3


  • Upgraded to Unity 5.2.0
  • Updated how we define ironsights to be more accurate
  • Can wear hats with bandanas
  • Unified viewmodel FOVs
  • Can drop weapon attachments on weapons to equip
  • Weapon slots shown on icon
  • Weapon attachment sounds when attaching
  • Weapon attachments now lose condition
  • Admin give commands can take a partial item name
  • Show last death info on server join (if there is one)
  • Improved screen overlay shaders (normal mapping, dynamic lighting)
  • Improved deferred decal system (ambient light, reflection probes, emission maps)
  • Improved non-authoritative client side projectile prediction
  • Disabled small furnace smoke because it looked weird
  • Made building LOD switches more accurate
  • Increased the LOD and batching grid size (faster LOD refreshes, less draw calls)
  • Optimized UI event system (saves 1-2ms per frame)
  • Wood type gate ingame
  • Improved external wall stone visuals/barbwire on top deals damage
  • You can do "spectate @<name>" to spectate non player entities


  • Fixed various mid-gameplay stuttering issues (some improvements require 64bit)
  • Fixed allowed to put any item inside weapon slots
  • Fixed signs sometimes having no image
  • Fixed weapon attachments disappearing after walking a long way
  • Fixed NRE disconnect in NetworkDestroy
  • Fixed a condition where the player could get stuck in a wounded state
  • Fixed arrow disappearing in bow viewmodel
  • Fixed pumpkin falling through world
  • Fixed death screen sometimes not showing
  • Fixed menu music playing over loading music
  • Fixed projectile tracers ending one frame too early
  • Fixed certain far objects being temporarily invisible between spawning and batching
  • Fixed airdrops being allowed to drop on powerlines
  • Fixed beartrap looking unarmed when it was armed
  • Fixed opening chat when typing in the console
  • Fixed holdtype could be wrong on initial encounters


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