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  • Added smaller moonpools to underwater labs
  • Added a new store front to fishing village's equipment shop


  • Can now use non dance gestures while swimming
  • If player is holding S when they catch a fish, block backwards movement for 1s or until the S key is released
  • Added global.usersinrange admin convar
  • Fixed console not properly scrolling through all of it's lines (used to show ~250 lines, should now show all 500)
  • New "combatlog_outgoing" convar to get a combatlog of only outgoing damage
  • Thrown cassette recorders now decay
  • Inventory item description now scales to better fit long descriptions
  • Reduced explosion forces on minicopter and scrap transport heli by ~95%. Stop getting knocked around so much by SAM sites
  • Both submarine types now have storage
  • Now only showing sonar blips for other subs if those subs have their engine running
  • Submarines stop moving a lot faster when the driver dismounts - prevent runaway subs and drowning risk when dismounting by mistake
  • Submarines now need to surface once every ten minutes, can't hide underwater forever
  • Rear passenger in duo sub can now turn all the way around
  • Submarine driving now adds to the boating stat
  • Increased minimum allowed size of the underwater labs
  • Renamed crawlingminhealth to crawlingminimumhealth and crawlingmaxhealth to crawlingmaximumhealth
  • Added 21 new prefabs for map makers
  • Removed blue and red card lab spawns from underwater labs
  • Player crawling health reduced by 75%
  • Added chocolate bar world model
  • Bullets now deal slightly more damage to submarines


  • Fixed not being able to gesture while on a sofa
  • Fixed rare case where player eyes would appear incorrectly
  • Fixed rotor on CH47 map marker not rotating
  • Fixed case where players could access scrap on slot machine incorrectly
  • Fixed toggling lights causing issues while gesturing
  • Fixed paddling animation blending issue (boogie boards, kayaks, inner tubes)
  • Underwater crates now have 12 item slots, fixes rare case where underwater crates would spawn with > 6 items and an item would be cut off
  • Fixed dances continuing after mounting a vehicle
  • Fixed fish line getting snapped when the player is standing too far back from a ledge (players now have to stand closer to the edge)
  • Fixed WorkCarts decaying in the maintenance tunnel where they spawn
  • Fixed bullet proof moonpool water at underwater labs
  • Fixed icebergs sometimes overlapping underwater labs
  • Fixed vegetation sometimes clipping into underwater labs
  • Fixed underwater lab 45 degree corridors sometimes overlapping each other
  • Fixed server.maxconnectionsperip convar not working
  • Fixed floating crates in airfield
  • Fixed items dropping inside locker when stacked
  • Fixed Two Sided Ornate Hanging Sign inconsistent crafting time
  • Fixed T stacking small signs


  • Rising torpedo type