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QoL Updates, Brutalist Building Skin, Weather Events, Turret System Adjustments, SMG buff and more! 

05 October 2023
A common complaint we have been hearing for a very long time as the over-use and abuse of turrets. To combat this we've added "Turret Interference"  Basically this means that only a certain amount of turrets (sentry.maxinterference) can be active in any particular area ( sentry.interferenceradius). Subsequently-activated turrets will emit a blue electrical glow and fail to acquire any targets.
There is no hard limit on the number of turrets you can deploy, only a limit on the number of turrets to be activated at any one time within 40m. For example, you may choose to enable 12 of your outdoor turrets but keep your indoor turrets disabled or you can set up smart circuits to detect players and power up turrets when needed.

You're still able to remote control disabled turrets with the computer station.

Hopefully this addresses some of the concerns we've been hearing regarding this issue, and we plan to iterate and improve, we'll be watching the feedback.
While SMGs are not intended to be used in long range engagements, some of the clips sent to us are a little out there.
I've reduced the aimcone on SMGs slightly so that more rounds will land in the center during sustained fire. I've also given the MP5 a bit of a buff, it'll deal slightly more damage and have less bullet drop. The burst mode has also been improved, yielding higher accuracy and less recoil.
Updated TC Layout
TC contents and tools are now one page with +1 tool slot
Vehicle Dismount Settings
Adjust how long it takes to dismount a vehicle per type (Ground/Air/Aquatic/Horse)
Toggle Vending Machines
Can now hide Vending Machines from the map view
Bad Weather
Higher chance of rain, storms and fog
Water Catchers
Water catchers now fill much faster when it rains, even faster in stormy weather
Small Battery
Small Battery now outputs more power and has a higher capacity
Underwater Visibility
Underwater is now slightly brighter
Tug Boat Player Respawn
Players are now unable to respawn on Tug boats if too close to water monuments
Workbench Radius
Workbench radius has been slightly increased, allowing crafting from further away
Available now from the Rust store is the new Brutalist building skin which allows you to change the visuals of your stone tier base.
This skin is for sale at the Steam store. To use, simply equip your hammer tool, display the wheel, and enable building skins. This should reveal the skin's wheel on which you may choose Brutalist upgrade.

In the last update we released the Homing Missile Launcher, and some keen-eyed players probably noticed the sleek digital scope attached to it. We're now happy to announce that this scope is fully functional, and allows for a full ADS view as you doom your whirly-twirly foes.
Last month, we rolled out a Unity engine update for the server. After prolonged monitoring, we're confident to say the upgrade has resolved several long-standing server crashes dating as far back as 2019.

While most server crashes and stalls are resolved, we have identified another AI-related stall we're investigating.

Overall, servers should now be more stable.
Last month we launched Global Networked Bases as an experimental feature... and disabled it 4 hours into wipe. Despite monitoring for a week on staging, it still managed to DDOS servers and make bases invisible on certain hardware!

Although all known issues have been resolved, this feature is still considered experimental and disabled by default.

If you want to give it a whirl, look for "Global Rendering" in the options menu & remember to restart your game after enabling or disabling it!

Tired of waiting 60+ sec for your favourite server to show up? Try enabling the "Use Cache" button & click "Refresh" to load all servers instantly!
Note: although this should be an improvement over steam's server browser, it is still considered experimental and disabled by default.
Another monthly round-up of data that we've captured in the last 30 days. We've got a lot of data at hand but we're trying to pick out the more interesting bits to share.

The data shown below is only from Facepunch official servers, we eliminate data from community-run servers to ensure accuracy within the data we share.
If there's any statistics and metrics you'd like to see next month let me know!
On October 23rd at 19:00BST / 14:00 EST, we'll release a mandatory server and client update to enable some new spooky features!

Server owners, please remember this date.

October 12th - October 19th

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  • Brutalist building skin
  • Cached server browser
  • Global Networked Bases


  • Slightly increased mp5 damage
  • Increased mp5 accuracy while bursting
  • Thompson has increased center-hit probability
  • Custom smg has increased center-hit probability
  • Tool Cupboard now shows upkeep costs and tool slots on the same page
  • Tool Cupboard now has an extra tool slot
  • Added debug.repeatcommand convar, repeats the last command entered into the console
  • The debug console history will no longer add duplicate consecutive entries
  • Can now toggle vending machines on and off in the map
  • Vehicle dismount hold time option has now been modified to allow individual dismount hold times for Ground, Aquatic and Air Vehicles as well as Horses
  • Getting killed via a homing missile while in a helicopter will now list the missile and player responsible on the death screen instead of just the helicopter
  • The parachute now checks that there is vehicle free space above it when deploying, prevents parachutes deploying and clipping into helicopters causing erratic behaviour
  • The Minicopter and Scrap helicopter have had some new sounds added to bring them in line with the newer vehicles, including unique explosion sounds
  • Expanded workbench source area, able to stand slightly further away and craft
  • Reduced water pump preventbuilding volume
  • Small battery output, capacity
  • Water catchers now fill much faster when raining, even faster in stormy weather
  • Bad weather probability increased, higher chance of rain, storms and fog
  • Increased quarry no build radius
  • More loot in launch site main building of launch site
  • Moved light switches of LS main building to second set of entrance doors, players will now always pass one
  • Homing missile crafting cost reduced
  • Homing missiles now stack to 4


  • Fixed custom underwear not being applied when first joining a server
  • Fixed parachute killing players when landing on a flat-ish surface
  • Fixed players being able to use the parachute to skip a section of Launch Site using a small jump (forward momentum now takes 1s to kick in)
  • Parachute gibs no longer show the wind effect
  • Parachute pickup time can now be set on the server (server.parachuteRepackTime)
  • Fixed tooltips not getting properly clamped on screen
  • Fixed Filter Fail output on Industrial Conveyor not working if the Conveyor was set to Require All
  • Fixed issue where a gun inserted into the Attack Helicopter would incorrectly get attached to the player in the gunner seat
  • Fixed map marker legend getting pushed off screen if too many markers were placed
  • Fixed first person hands snapping into place when deploying the parachute
  • Fixed players being able to negate fall damage with incendiary ammo
  • Fixed Minicopter push command not applying correct forces
  • Fixed Industrial Conveyor not calculating filters properly when connected to a Locker after the parachute changes
  • Fixed jumping with a parachute equipped on the RHIB cousin the parachute to deploy and immediately crash
  • Fixed parachutes playing wood breaking noises when destroyed
  • Fixed quarries incorrectly animating when first entering network range
  • Fixed player hair no longer having a visible seam/shadow on the forehead.
  • Fixed not being able to access the vending machine admin panel if the vending machine was too far above the player
  • Fix for bows offsetting view slightly when deployed
  • Fixed not being able to wire IO connections when standing on a bed, sleeping bag or car lift
  • Fixed a case where the torch could be lit underwater
  • Fixed wood and armoured single doors preventing interaction through the doorway for a second after opening
  • Fixed recurring LS tower skip


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